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    This weekend, I attended the Valley of Scranton, PA's Scottish Rite Reunion where I received the 10th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 31st, & 32nd Degrees of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. I enjoyed these degrees so much. Before I joined Scottish Rite, I had only been a member of Blue Lodge and RA Chapter. I have always been an advocate that the Appendant Bodies are unnecessary and that Blue Lodge provides all the information a Master Mason needs. Then, I took the Scottish Rite Degrees, and my attitude completely changed. I found something in these degrees that really touched me. Nothing will ever mean more to me than my Blue Lodge Degrees but my Scottish Rite Degrees are a very close second.
    I was the exemplar for the 32nd Degree as well, at the request of several brothers who I am friends with being Officers in my Valley. It is truly a day I will never forget and am so excited to start my deep path of education in Scottish Rite Masonry.

    How do any Scottish Rite Masons on here feel about their Scottish Rite Degrees? Did it affect you the same way it affected me? Please share your thoughts.
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    First, welcome to the ranks of the College of Freemasonry! It is a rewarding framework within which to study yourself and the world in a new way. It greatly expands upon the lessons taught in the Blue Lodge degrees, and adds to your overall person.

    I appreciate the degrees, and I would recommend that you sign up for the Master Craftsman program, as it provides you with the Ritual Monitor and Guide and encourages exploration of EACH of the degrees beyond just the key ones presented. The Monitor and Guide is a beautiful book, is packed full of information on each degree, and includes a great history at the front of the book that discusses the legitimate origins of Freemasonry. I genuinely believe that every Mason should read this history, or one like it!

    The only degree that left me scratching my head was the 18th, but perhaps that is because I expected more. It felt more like a hodgepodge of Rosicrucianism, Christianity, and anything else, than it did a true Rosicrucian experience. I am not intimately familiar with Rose Croix studies, but I had hoped this degree might serve as a good introduction. Instead, I left baffled.
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  3. KFerguson84

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    I agree about the 18th. I expected much more from the Rosicrucian degree. Maybe there is much more there and I have not yet found it. I am hoping to see the degree many more times and learn it inside and out to find the true symbolism behind it.

    I loved the 31st and 32nd Degrees. They seemed to be almost one degree and kind of reminded me of Hiram Abiff (in a symbolic sense) with the story of Constance.

    I couldn't be happier to be a Scottish Rite Mason.
  4. Brent Heilman

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    For me it was an awesome experience. I too share many of your thoughts on the degrees. The weekend I received the degrees was one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my Masonic life. I too expected a bit more from the 18th but in the end it has been one of my favorites. We received the book "Bridge to Light" which was very good in expanding some of the lessons from the degrees. I have now read it through twice and have learned a little more with each reading. I was the candidate for the 17th and 27th degrees and enjoyed those a lot. I did find myself a bit jealous of the man that was involved in the 32nd though. In the end it was the 32nd that was my favorite. I truly enjoyed every moment of that weekend. It is amazing how you can be changed by such a simple thing. I never thought I could be moved as much as I was the night I was raised but the Scottish Rite did that. I walked a way from that weekend feeling such a sense of wonderment. Congratulations Brother on this step. As Brother Mac also stated I encourage you to join me in the Master Craftsman program. I can assure you you will receive so much Light your brain will hurt. I know for one I cannot wait until my next reunion to see it all over again.
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    Where can we learn more about the Master Craftsman Program?
  6. KFerguson84

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    The Master Craftsman Program is through the Scottish Rite, S.J. Website. I am not involved in it but I hear it is a great program. S.J. Website is Click on the link for the store and it will have the Master Craftsman Program as a purchasing option.

    Guthrie Scottish Rite also has a program called the College of the Consistory which is free and, from what I'm told, is quite extensive. I just signed up for it so as I progress I will update the forum with information about the program. It is a 5 Year commitment, according to the website. You can access that page at
  7. choppersteve03

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    congradulations brother kyle, i cant wait to join the scottish rite, it sounds so enlightening.
  8. jimmy

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    Dont forget Brother,

    Since we are in the NMJ our degrees vary slightly from the SJ who have never changed theirs since Pikes ritual,

    Unfortunatly in the NMJ it takes a while to get all the degrees, you will see alot over and over again mainly the 4th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 31st, 32nd.

    The 18th degree is usually at least once a year.

    I have been Masters of Ceremonies for about 4 years and I learn something new each time, it is a very complex degree and has alot of depth to it.

    I still have about 8 degrees to go to fill my passport.

    If your not to far from Rochester NY come up, we put on quite a few degrees each year !
  9. promason

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    Scottish Rite is a deep and rich history and deserves exploration,it brings one back in the first day of Masonic foundation stone,fascinating
  10. Michaelstedman81

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    Congrats, Brother Kyle!! I don't have much time to dive into all the feelings that I had felt after going through the Scottish Rite degrees, but I can say one thing. After becoming a Master Mason, I really didn't have any kind of urge to go Scottish Rite and only wanted to go York Rite. I figured that I would just do the Scottish Rite later on in life and would focus on my Blue Lodge and York Rite stuff.

    However, as life likes lead us where she wants us, my opportunity to join another Masonic organization came with the Scottish Rite knocking on my door first and in the place I least expected it to. I was in El Paso, TX and stubmled upon the Scottish Rite Temple there. Took a tour, and found out that within two months they were having a reunion. So, needless to say, I filled out that awesome I am so very glad that I did as the degrees and the things that I have gotten to learn from the Scottish Rite I absolutely love. And also to luck out and do it in a really nice Temple like the one in El Paso and have all the degrees put on instead of just the terminal ones was, I loved it and so glad that I found the building there. You will for sure enjoy the Master Craftsman and going to the Reunions.

    I am very proud to now have gone through the Scottish Rite and York Rite degrees and love what all Masonry has to offer. But like you, I am very big on the Blue Lodge.

    Congratulations, and welcome to the Scottish Rite. Oh, was wondering if there was a "Dwight K. Schrute" that was a member of that Valley up there..... (lol sorry, every time I see you post I think about that TV show just cause of you being up there haha)
  11. Phre-massen.nash

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    Greetings. Welcome to the Scottish Rite. Withing the bodies of this rite, if you apply yourself, you will learn more than you bargained for. I am the Illustrious Grand Chancellor for Ft. Worth Consistory #281, AASR SJ PHA. I have learned to apply the lessons and teaching to my lifestyle and it has made me a better person. It is like when going through the first 3 you learn and they transform you, well the same goes for 4-32. Good luck on your travels . ....

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