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    It's that time of year, preservation of the seasons bounty. Theres not too much that you can't preserve in a jar, and is a great way to save some cash and provide good eats for some hungry brethren. Salute

    Kosher Garlic Dill Pickles

    2 English cucumbers cut into quarters( wedges)
    12 tbsp coarse kosher salt
    3 tbsp dry mustard seeds
    3 cups white wine vinegar
    3 cups cold water
    6 cloves garlic cut in half
    2 sprigs dill weed
    1 bay leafs
    1 L mason jar with lid
    Pot of boiling water

    Put a pot of water on to boil. Put the vinegar water and salt on to boil. Cut the cucs in half, so to fit in the jar, and cut into quarters. Half the cloves of garlic and wash the dill. In the mean time wash as sterilize the jar and lid in the boiling water for ten min. This
    will soften the seal so when you put on the jar it will let all the air out and seal tightly. This is imperative in order to help preserve. Put a tbsp of mustard seeds in the jar, with the dill garlic and bay leaf. Pack the cucs in tightly. Pour boiling vinegar/water brine over them in the jar up to the neck. Put lid on and tighten the band to finger tight, which means screwed on but not tight, so as to let the air out. Boil the jar in the boiling water for ten min, allow to cool in an area where there is no draft, as this can cause the jar to crack. Enjoy brethren!
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    Sorry I should add it takes approx 2-3 weeks for them to brine, you can also replace the large English cucs with smaller ones for baby dills.

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