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Regular Grand Lodge of Italy is not so regular, and Grand Orient of Italy is not so irregular.


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Regular Grand Lodge of Italy is not so regular, and Grand Orient of Italy is not so irregular...

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Glen Cook

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Well, I don’t see any reflection on the regularity of RGLI, but yes, there is vindication.


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Freemasonry: di Bernardo expelled

Rome, July 17, 1993- (Adnkronos) - The Executive Board of the Grand Orient of Italy - Palazzo Giustiniani - announces that on July 17, 1993, in the manner and within the times provided for by the Masonic Constitution of the Grande Oriente d'Itali of Palazzo Giustiniani, the first Section of the Court Cetnrale del Grande Oriente d'Italia has decided the expulsion from the Order of the former Grand Master Giuliano Di Bernardo for having behaved in a manner contrary to the loyalty, honor and dignity of his office.

This is in acceptance of the accusations made against him by the Great Orator, on April 19, 1993, who had challenged him: 1) to have promoted, in collaboration with third parties, the initiative to establish a new formation, self-defined Masonic, while holding the position Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy; 2) to have, for this purpose, made use of the means and the availabilities that derive from this capacity, exploiting the institutional channels, also in relations with foreign Masonic Communions; 3) having put in place conduct, also advertised also in the press, capable of defaming and discrediting the Grand Orient of Italy, in Italy and abroad, combining it with organized crime phenomena on the basis of suspicions and statements without evidentiary support and never previously outsourced by the same to the governing bodies of the institution