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  1. Blake Bowden

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    "The Grand Lodge of Colorado has undergone a sea change. The new GM has selected a phoenix as his pin. An apt symbol for the way things are moving. MWB Karl Hinkle announced that Masonry was a transformative experience and that his focus was that transformation. He made a call to arms to know your Craft, to understand its philosophical tenants and for lodges to strive in developing or maintaining the highest in initiatic experiences for their Brothers. He pointed to several Traditional Observance lodges as models that Brothers could visit and gain ideas from...referring to them as rays or points of light within the Craft. The membership chair called Masons to action in worrying more about who they allow in, than how many they get and spoke of elevating the position of the Craft by selecting men for their moral courage and not their station in life or the fact that they will show up and pay dues. One Brother said it well when he said, "I felt like Masonry turned 180 degrees today."He said, "This is what I joined for...." Very, very exciting times."

    Check out their new GM's logo.


    Texas...take notice.
  2. Mac

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    Let us hope...
  3. LukeD

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    I think a lot of Lodges would have to shut their doors and consolidate. I'm a fan of it in my area. It would be awesome to see so many great Brothers in one centralized Lodge, but there are many who are not willing to give up their charter or station, and I can understand why.
  4. Txmason32

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    Then they should have not kept drinking the same old kool aid!!! its time Masons stop worring about a chair position in a lodge with 10 people showing up .....Thats something to be proud of ... I would rather be a mason in a lodge that has great quality brothers where 100 show than be a master of of on of 10 lodges within 20 miles with 10 members showing in each ... please dont hate and say " Oh thats not my lodge ...We have 15 show up " lol you know what i mean and obviously so does Colorado
  5. JJones

    JJones Moderator Staff Member

    Seems like a lot of good stuff is going on in Colorado. Hopefully others will pick up on their example.
  6. relapse98

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    I think finances/lodge condition with a lot of the smaller lodges are going to force this issue.
  7. LukeD

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    In some areas it needs to be done. I can visit 11 different Lodges within 30 min. Some can barely open in the MM degree.
  8. Benton

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    I love the symbolism behind that pin.

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