Scientology, Spitituallity, Souls....

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    So the other day me and dad were at the facility, things were a bit slow due to the cold air. I'm reading a news article and out of no where dad says something to the effect of "What do you know about Thetan?". Caught off guard and trying to make the switch from a news article to Thetans my mind was a bit confused. I'm like what are Thetans? So dad reads an article to me. Not sure what article it was but I was watching Fringe tonight and I'm like blame it on a Thetan!

    What are your thoughts and opinions? I've heard the theory about the body weighing less after death due to your soul leaving never knew where the theory came from. Anyways I look forward to hearing ya'lls thoughts.
  2. Blake Bowden

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    IMO, Scientology is not a religion. If you research the beliefs and requirements one needs in order to "progress" you'll be rolling on the floor. The sci-fi alone is enough to give 2001 a run for it's money!
  3. RedTemplar

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    This subject is partially covered in Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol".

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