Scottish or York Rite?

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    I know the decision is up to me, and that you probably won't tell me to choose one over the other, but I would like to see if anyone would recommend doing the Scottish Rite first and the York Rite later or the other way around. I want to do both because both seem very very interesting! I'm still in college, so I don't have a high paying job yet, but school doesn't keep me from Freemasonry, I do make time for the brotherhood.
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    Well, a lot depends on your personal religious beliefs, as the York Rite appears to allow all Master Masons to progress in learning until you reach the third and final Order.

    The Order of The Knights Templar is only open to Christian Master Masons.

    The Scottish Rite does not appear to have any limitations in membership.

    I'd recommend you talk with fellow Brothers in your local lodge, as one of them is likely a member of one or both fraternities. Discuss with them the obligations and benefits and it might make your decision easier.
  3. Blake Bowden

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    I'm not sure about that. From what I've been told, you simply have to defend the Christian faith. I'll know more when I receive that degree on the BTW, up to this point I prefer the York Rite.
  4. Bigmel

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    Both or excelent Degrees. I been both ways. I would do the one that has the nearest location to your home. that way you can be more active in the one you elect to take. You would get more out of it and so would your choice. My Blue Lodge has a York Rite Bodies in the Lodge. Scottish Rite I have to travel 200 miles and spend nite to be active in it. I do enjoy both very much. It is still a Personnel choicde
  5. TxManx

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    It would be great if all it takes is to defend the Christian faith, as I believe all faiths are valuable to their followers, regardless of whether or not it's my personal path.

    Everything I've read has indicated what I wrote in my post...and it's what a Brother who is a member of Scottish Rite told me. I've yet to have a chance to ask one of my other Brothers who is in the Commandery.

    It would be nice knowing that I would have another avenue of experience in addition to Scottish Rite.

    Granted, I've just started my journey within the Blue Lodge, so I think I'll wait a few years before joining much to learn and enjoy, so little time...


  6. Nate Riley

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    That is my recommedation.

    I did the York Rite in my first year (a couple of months after being raised) and will do the Scottish Rite as some point when I am looking for a new experience. But I have only been to one commandery meeting since the festival, which was in August. I have put primary focus on the Blue Lodge, so I might have jumped the gun a couple of years. Based on my experience, I would encourage you not to rush to the appendant bodies.

    Your Blue Lodge needs you and it will benefit you in your masonic career. During your fist couple of years, while the stuff is fresh on your mind, I think you should devote yourself to learning parts in the degrees (to me that is the most fun part of Masonry) and teaching candidates their work. This will solidify it in your mind. So that a few years down the road, if some candidate asks for help you won't have to say "let me get back to you on that". You will just know it.

    At the end of the day, I had people telling me the same thing I just told you and I ran off and did the York Rite. If you choose to do the same as I did, I would recommend the York Rite first, just because it is a continuation of the Blue degrees, while the Scottish Rite takes a little bit different track (as I have heard and read on this board).

    And if you don't consider yourself a Christian, you don't have to do the Commandery degrees. Just do the Chapter and Council. It will still be a wonderful experience without the Commandery.
  7. rhitland

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    I have also been told the Knoghts Templar was a Christian only oath but after what little research can be done on the subject I find this is not the case. This oath as all things are symbolic in nature. Does this oath mean you literally have to use violent measures to protect the Christian fatih only, it could to some men but it can also imply that you would protect this faith as well others basically protecting the right to have religion. Knights Templars did according to some protect Christians traveling but just as we do not build tempral buildings as our ancient Stone Mason brothers we do not sword people down in the name of Christianty. Our esoteric work is open for interpertation and yours if coming from the heart is never wrong for you but probably will be for me.The catechism may mean something to a paticular Brother but that does not mean your have to agree with their interpertation.
  8. TCShelton

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    Since it has been a only a short time since you've been Raised, I'd hold off on any of it until you get more acquanted with blue lodge.
  9. Nate Riley

    Nate Riley Premium Member

    Its a little bit difficult to put my thoughts on this into words. But I think the Order of the Temple is more meaningful to a person who is a Christian or at least Christian leaning. By that I am referring to some of the guys I know who don't go to church but their family did and they go on Christmas and Easter.

    This is part that is hard for me to explain. There are elements of the Order the Temple that are distinctly Christian in nature, which might be uncomfortable for someone who has a more open minded religious viewpoint. Let me put it this way, if you get uncomfortable when someone puts too much of a Christian influence on the Blue Lodge or Freemasonry (as some do on this board), there is a chance you will be uncomfortable during the Order of the Temple.

    Personally, I can't see why someone who is not a Christian would want to do the Order of the Temple. Unless they just want to have every degree attached to their name. If I knew that a degree was even the slightest bit contrary to my own religious belief I wouldn't do it. That is the great thing about Masonry, there is a road for everyone, Scottish Rite, York Rite and/or Shriners. Heck you can do the rest of the York Rite and not do the Commandery.
  10. Wingnut

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    My usual answer (somewhat light hearted but a lot of truth)

    If you are a Christian or willing to defend Christianity (nobody has been able to answer what version of Christianity) go York Right.

    If you want more light and more Masonic Education, go Scottish Rite (it is the University of Masonry after all).

    If you want Lite Beer, Shrine...
  11. HKTidwell

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    I agree with the brethren who have said to spend time in the Blue Lodge. I was raised December 2008, This past summer Reunion, in austin, I joined the Scottish Rite. I wish I had waited a couple of years. My reason is that I believe I need to spend time in the Blue lodge and get the foundation fully established. While you memorize the basic tenets of Masonry you can not know them in so short time. Yes, my knowledge has been enriched but there is so much knowledge in the Scottish Rite/York Rite that now I must try to divide my time. To be honest with the duties I have assumed in the Blue lodge and what I would like to do within the Blue lodge, my Scottish Rite knowledge has and will suffer for the next couple of years.

    The York Rite is a continuation of the blue lodge, if you are paying attention during the Scottish Rite you discover subtle differences. This is not to dissuade you from the Scottish Rite because I enjoyed the Scottish Rite. I have not joined the York Rite yet, however I wish I had joined the York Rite first and then the Scottish Rite.

    Fees associated with the different organizations:
    Blue Lodge annual Fees : $50 - $125
    Scottish Rite Annual : $100
    Petition Fee : $75
    York Rite : Hopefully somebody can include this information.

    Initiation Fee $100.00
    Per Capita Tax 15.00
    Hospital Assessment 5.00
    Fez 100.00
    Dues _______
    DUES : 1st Qtr. (Jan - Mar) $75.00
    2nd Qtr. (Apr – Jun) 56.25
    3rd Qtr. (Jul – Sept) 37.50
    4th Qtr. (Oct - Dec) 18.75

    I hope this helps you.
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