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    I found out about the Scottish Rite hospital in Dallas yesterday.
    First off, congratulations and a big round of applause to every Texas Mason who contributes to that program-- what an ambitious project that you've held onto for so long! Stuff like that makes me want to settle down in Texas after grad school.

    Second, I was wondering about tours of said hospital. I know our Shrine hospital in Salt Lake City gives tours to incoming Shriners; does the SR hospital do something similar for initiated classes? I've yet to join SR myself, but I'll gladly put it off until I move to Texas if that's the case! :D Anyway, are there any times set aside for general public tours?
    The reason I ask is because my brother and his fiance are living in McKinney right now; he's a little interested in the fraternity, but doesn't know much about it past a little online research and me talking his ear off about it whenever I get back from a good time at lodge (read: EVERY time at lodge!). He's literally just down the street from St. John's lodge #51, but doesn't have any friends or family nearby, except for in-laws, and hasn't had much opportunity to get to know his area.
    I hate to sound like a worrywart, but it's just another case of a big brother wanting to share something special with his younger brother. I'm sure I'm not the only one!
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    My understanding is this:

    Not only can you tour the facility, you can volunteer your time. I know that the hospital is always looking for Brothers to donat a few hours of their personal time to read to, and or visit with the patients currently under care. I think that is a wonderful chance to see our great fraternity "at work".

    I for one am very proud to be a cyclic doner / supporter of the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children here in Dallas!
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    The hospital is an amazing facility to say the very least. I worked on and still have ties to a ranch that is owned by the TSRHC, and still try to volunteer time when I can. The TSRHC is a large reason why I sought a petition for Masonry in the first place. I am currenty only a EA but look forward to SR when the time comes.

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