Sean Astin To Star In ‘The Freemason'

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  1. A new film about a Freemason is about to begin filming in Utah, according to The Salt Lake Tribune:

    A former Hobbit is coming to Utah next week to solve a murder.Actor Sean Astin — best known probably for portraying the loyal Samwise Gamgee in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy — will be filming a murder mystery, "The Freemason," starting Monday in the Salt Lake City area.Astin plays Leon Weed, a detective investigating a ritualistic killing of an elder Mason, according to a press release from the film’s producers.The movie’s executive producer, Joseph James, is a Master Mason, and aims to quench the public’s appetite for the secret society’s mysteries. James calls "The Freemason" "the first film of its kind to highlight actual initiation practices."Sohrab Mirmontazeri, an Iranian-born filmmaker, will direct the film. He previously made a thriller, "Blue Door," in Utah.It’s the second time Astin has filmed a movie in Utah. He previously appeared in Ryan Little’s well-made 2009 rugby drama "Forever Strong."

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    Sean Astin To Star In ‘The Freemason'

    Hopefully it's not going to be like the dan brown novels/movies or national treasure.
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    Re: Sean Astin To Star In ‘The Freemason'

    What, the stories about how we're controlling the Vatican and the world economy aren't true? Then why the heck did I get into this?!

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