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    So to start my stepfather and his father are both master masons and shriners. I have been interested for quite some time to join the fraternity, One to better myself and two to support my family. My question first and foremost is what are the chances of someone like myself with tattoos and body piercings being able to join. I can cover all of my tattoos and take out all my jewelry but this is also something I do by trade. I have a degree and hold myself really well; Its just the walk of life I chose and it has been extremely lucrative and enjoyable for me..But I'm afraid that this would reflect on my character and integrity and ultimately prevent me from joining.
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    My lodges have plenty of tattooed members. For our degrees we all have to take off the jewelry but that would not be required for any meetings other than your own three degrees.

    Objecting to tattoos is a generational thing yet the elderly guys in my lodges didn't object to them. One of my Illinois lodge has several Brothers who make their living doing tattoos.
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    I'm sleeved, and pierced. But what' funny is that some of the older brothers I go to lodge with that are in their late 60s to mid 80s are tattooed as well. So it' all good. No worries.
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    Guess it all depends on the Lodge since its the members that control the voting. It all depends how many there are that may be against piercings & tattoos.

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