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    In order to make ends meet...

    Brothers, money has been in short supply for me, and I need to sell one of my guitars in order to be able to pay for some bills this month, I am coming up short due to my assistance to my parents who recently moved out here when they lost their jobs in AZ. Here is what I am selling:

    A kirk hammett Jr guitar, made by LTD with the following specs:


    * Bolt-On
    * 20.5†(3/4 scale)*
    * Basswood Body
    * Maple Neck
    * Rosewood Fingerboard
    * 42mm Neck Width
    * Standard Nut
    * Extra Thin Flat Neck Contour
    * 22 XJ Frets
    * Black Nickel Hardware
    * ESP Tuners
    * TOM Bridge
    * ESP LH-301 (B&N) p.u.
    * Finish: BLK

    *Due to short scale, comes strung w/011-052 gauge strings

    NOTE: Comes with gig bag

    I have never played this instrument outside of my apartment and it is in brand new condition, a guitar like this will retail for $250, I am asking $200


    972 963 0783

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