Services for Brother M. E. "Gene" Johnson, PM

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    It is my sad duty to inform you that Hill City's Past Master, Brother M.E. "Gene" Johnson passed away this morning following a stoke on Christmas Day. Those who had the pleasure to do business with him or the privilege to do Masonry with him certainly know that he was one in a million if not more, a Mason's Mason, and will be sorely missed by all. Please keep his family in your prayers.

    Please see the string below for details on the services. I have spoken with Brother Johnson's grandson, Brother Lee Kinser, PM, Secretary of Hill City # 456, and he informs me that there will be regalia at both services and the attendance of all who are able to attend would be most appreciated by the family.

    I shall be attending both services and the viewing Monday evening and will be leaving thereto from my office at 183 & I35. Any Brother who would like to ride with me is more than welcome. Lets all do whatever we can to support our Brother's family during this time of mourning.

    Remaining yours respectfully,
    In humble service of the Grand Architect,


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    Here are the details on services for Brother M. E. "Gene" Johnson, PM.

    visitation - 6pm to 8pm, Monday at:
    Beck Funeral Home
    15709 Ranch Road 620
    Round Rock, TX 78717

    services - 1pm Tuesday at:
    First Baptist Church
    306 Round Rock Avenue (Main St, between I35 and downtown)
    Round Rock, TX

    graveside - afterward, at:
    Capitol Memorial Park, just north of the Masonic garden
    IH 35

    Steve Buck

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    Date: Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 1:43 PM
    Subject: M. E. "Gene" Johnson

    Hill City Lodge, No. 456, mourns the loss this morning of our senior Past Master, Brother M. E. "Gene" Johnson. Needless, but necessary to say, Brother Johnson was a Mason's Mason, and a pillar of the Lodge.

    "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!
    Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord."

    Details of the arrangements will be forthcoming.

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    I count it a huge honor that Brother Gene taught me some of my FC and MM work.
  3. Brother Gene's is the only name on my petition who was not a PM of Parsons. I met him through real estate business in Round Rock in the spring of 1999. When interacting with him I was always impressed by his uprightness of conduct and I seemed to feel at ease just by his presence. He reminded me of my Grandfather (a 50 year Georgia Mason himself, big surprise there). Four years later when I was researching Masonry (already had petition for 222 in hand) I was poking around the 456 website and there on the list of PM's... M.E. "Gene" Johnson. Well, I thought, that makes sense, I'll bet he'd give me a reference for my petition.

    An honor of the highest order, a close second to being presented the lambskin at the alter... that a man like M.E. "Gene" Johnson called me Brother.
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    I have no recollection of my grandfather or great grandfather. Both died when I was about 2 years old. Both were also members at Onion Creek but they lived up north, near Brother Gene's service station. One night Gene told me that he remembered both of them because they often visited Hill City.

    It was a nice moment and I am thrilled that Brother Gene was able and willing to help strengthen my tie to the fraternity by sharing good stories about my grandfathers.

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