Shakespere and Freemasonry

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    Im sure some of us have heard of the possible connections between William Shakespeare and Freemasonry. Many people believe that Sir Francis Bacon was the real William Shakespeare. Bacon is very well documented to have been a Freemason. The references to Masonry in the works of Shakespeare is well documented, maybe none better than by Brother Robert Guffey in his 1933 book "Was Shakespeare a Freemason?: Masonic Symbolism in MacBeth." Hamlet of course as several references to Masonry. This, as most symbolism of The Craft, has interested me since I was initiated. Other obscure references have been made by Red Skelton in many of his skits and by others.

    Imagine my surprise when I found a reference to one of Shakespeares works in the Grand Lodge of Texas Proceedings from 1896! The Grand Master, Most Worshipful B. R. Abernethy (Gonzales Lodge) in his opening address says: "As this question of the eligibility of perons with fingers, toes, etc., missing, or who are otherwise maimed or physically injured, is constantly arising, and like Banquo's ghost, will not down, it seems to me that this Grand Lodge should lay down the rule in regard..." Banquo is the friend of Macbeth that Macbeth had killed and who haunted Macbeth later in the play.

    BTW if you Google Shakespere and Freemasonry you will find a lot of interesting sites that are worthy of spending some time at!

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