Shooting at Norfolk Masonic Lodge

Discussion in 'Freemasonry in the News' started by Blake Bowden, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

  2. rpbrown

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    They talk of parties every weekend so I suspect that they rent out the building (or hope that is what is is).
  3. ej6267

    ej6267 Registered User

    Not good. My home lodge rents out the building's ballroom for wedding receptions and, unfortunately, quinceaneras. The guests at these would smuggle in their own liquor, so we would have young Mexican men, many of them in gangs, getting drunk and into fights. After a couple of these incidents we had to hire off-duty leos for security. I never liked seeing outsiders use the building for this reason, but the operational costs needed to be defrayed. The heating bills alone were atrocious. Winter in Wisconsin, go figure.
  4. mchastain96

    mchastain96 Registered User

    We have to be careful who we rent the lodge to. Even if it's not a masonic related event, it falls in the lap of the craft.

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  5. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    Very true. If it occurs at a Masonic Lodge people are going to associate it with us.
  6. ARizo1011

    ARizo1011 Premium Member

    As brother Warrior1256 this is very true. We have to be very cautious when renting out our lodge wether it be for one day and never again or if it be one day a week or twice a month. It's very important the atmosphere these "parties" will bring to our lodge where I call home. My lodge has 2 lodge that meets there. Nothing else. Although in the lodges I used to visited with worshipful Ray Navor would rent them out on Sundays to a group of Catholics that would meet there that's it. Although I think weddings and other decent event should be okay. If they seem upright, cause weddings can get pretty out of hand ! ;) XD but I believe we can make wise decisions on whom the rent the lodge to.

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