Shriners Come Through For Boy's Surgery

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    OMAHA, Neb. --

    Funding has been found for a 2-year-old boy suffering from a bone disorder whose surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota wasn't covered by Medicaid.
    Cody Lacy's doctor referred the boy to the Rochester, Minn., clinic to repair his arm, which was scarred by fibrous dysplasia. But the clinic terminated its Nebraska Medicaid program because of low reimbursement rates.
    After local Shriners saw the KETV NewsWatch 7 investigation, they decided to help the boy and his family.

    "There's something wrong when we put a dollar value to that extent on health care," said Shriner Jerry Nielsen.

    The Shriners will foot the bill for the boy's surgery and the family's transportation to the twin cities.

    "The Shriners jumped in the last couple of weeks after they saw your story and, wow, we're already heading out for an appointment. This is really great," said the boy's father, Howard Lacy.

    The family leaves for the Shriners' hospital on Tuesday morning.
    Meanwhile, there has been no change in the Mayo Clinic's decision to drop Nebraska Medicaid.
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