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Discussion in 'The Refreshment Lounge' started by Blake Bowden, Jul 30, 2009.

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    I really don't know all the details surrounding the case but I think the police department here acted stupidly.
  3. drapetomaniac

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    "Contempt of Cop"

    There's a long history. Frankly, it disturbs me when people are comfortable with someone's freedoms being abridged for irritating a cop.
  4. owls84

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    Well here is my stance. I understand that you are frustrated but these are men and women that have put themselves in a dangerous situation for what? $40,000 to $50,000 They could get more money being telemarketers.

    I have a cousin, the one that never seems to grow up, he is one of those that "It was never my fault." I have personally seen him treat a Police Officer with so much disrespect that it is not funny. I think that you should respect police officers, not because they are police officers but because they people. They punch a clock everyday just like you and I. They have families just the same and to say that I have the right to disrespect and verbally abuse a police officer because they are supposed to take it is wrong in my opinion. If I cuss you out it is verbal harrasment and I can be arrested, I think if a police officer is cussed out then you should be able to be arrested. Why do people treat the Fire Dept. with respect but no respect to the Police Dept?

    Note: The same thing goes for PD as in Masonry. We all have people among us that may be considered Rogue. Don't just think that since there is a police officer that has a chip on his shoulder the whole PD is like that. Remember you don't know what he just got through dealing with, it may have been a fatality wreck that killed a whole family. This is my take, take it or leave it.
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    yea what ever happened to the cop just thumping their head and being done with it? oh yea... they get sued and charges pressed against them! Back in my days as a cop, I had a t-shirt I wore... Talk Sh** Get Hit (K9 guys said Bite)
  6. drapetomaniac

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    Well, so far nobody has seemed to set the expectation they are supposed to take it.

    I agree police should be respected and their service recognized and honored. I think those who act on power instead of service and those who don't live up to the honor should also be acknowledge as such.

    The video above is a good example of a healthy respectable environment. They honored the service and said this was a bad moment by one officer. What frustrates communities is when police actions are beyond reproach. That's been the environment here in Austin for many years until recently. Cops are honored, but when one screws up - they acknowledge it now, whereas before they covered it from beginning to end. Our last police chief left to train military men in Afghanistan, which I thought was an ironic statement on where his head was at.

    Personal experience is the primary reason. Sometimes it's because the people themselves are deserving of police attention and are just knuckleheads acting out - in my case, I maintain a lot of respect even though I could list a host of examples where friends, family and myself were abused my authority.

    I wholeheartedly agree. The problem is, we need to make sure when someone has a chip on their shoulder and acts out - its acknowledged as such and not covered up.

    I'm of the opinion that when I give authority to take away someone's freedom or life and give them a gun - that holds them to a higher set of standards, not lower. That's where good training and discipline comes in.

    It's not the same level, but I've worked customer service escalation desks before and have had reps snap under the stress of pleasing people every day. I document it and we talk about it, if it happens again we take more actions to try to curb it (coaching, training, mental health?) - if it keeps happening then they are removed from the job.

    As I said, it's not the same level - because their lives aren't in danger. But also, because they don't have guns. I have had an employee repeat back a customer's home address on the phone and explain in great and violent detail what he was going to do. If this person had a gun and was face to face or had the power to take away the persons freedom for a while - I don't doubt he would have. He was an individual who reached a tipping point at that moment and it happens to everyone.

    You mentioned they have families like me, have to punch a clock like me - I understand, but they aren't treated like me.

    I grew up around criminals. Criminals that often saw me as a target. When one of those criminals was beaten, shot or when someone is shot because they "thought" it was a danger, everyone joined the chorus of "so much stress", "we don't know everything that happened". And I understand that stress.

    But again - my punching the clock like them and having a family. I always have to fear the criminals, especially since I lived with them surrounding me. But them I'm told that it's understandable for a cop to see me as a danger since I'm in that same area (or other attribute) even though I'm living a square life. So, as a square civilian living in less than desirable conditions, I grew up fearing both sides. (Especially after experiencing abuse from both sides).

    Again, I whole heartedly agree. But if empathy is going to be extended to police officers, why not to civilians who don't have armed back up and the authority of the democracy to detain or take your life?

    We're both saying police are people too. I'm just saying there's little to no focus on that for the civilian side. Even though cops are verbally harrassed and berated, when push comes to shove or shot, some groups speak up, but the authority lines up behind the police and the equal footing goes away with the civilian under shoe.

    We need to acknowledge the humanity on both sides. I have family on the police force, that have been military police, that are and have been in military, and are in the corrections field. I don't like the idea of a crackhead taking one of them out, but I also don't like the idea of having my freedoms abridged because someone with more responsibility than me has a bad day.
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    hope the cop gets fired and sued. having a person like that on the police force does not make me feel safe thats for sure.

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