Spaghetti and Clams

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    Disclaimer: I like to eye and taste my amounts as I don't think cooking should be as rigid as some make it out to be. It's an art so enjoy yourself and be creative!

    Here is my take on spaghetti and clams...enjoy this one with your brother, your family, your favorite lady, whoever! This is how I won over my mother in law! :thumbup:

    1 cup or more of white wine....
    Spaghetti (I use 1 box for every 4 people...everyone always wants seconds) you can use linguine or whatever else you want...its YOUR dish! Make it yours!
    Fresh Parsley (generous amount)
    garlic (three or four pearls)
    2 bottles of Snow's clam juice
    olive oil
    FRESH CLAMS...I usually get like 3 pounds of cherry stones and 3 pounds of little necks but you can get like 4 or 5 pounds of little necks and not have to chop them up....or chop em if you want...whatever...make sure when you by the clams they don't give you any open (dead) ones...these will get you sick

    (wash your clams people or else you get sand in your teeth oh and do NOT use any dead ones...these have the shell open before you cook will get sick if you eat these)

    Put your clams in a large enough pot and about an eighth full of water. Turn the heat up and cook em up... you know they are done when the shells open. shuck the clams SAVE THE BROTH. careful they are hot!

    Get a medium to large skillet, line the bottom with Olive oil.
    Turn the heat on medium/low
    Grind your garlic pearls with a garlic press spread them out with a wooden spoon or a spatula and let them sizzle but try not to burn them.
    Throw in your parsley and let that simmer for a minute or two in the garlic
    Add your white wine (take a swig for me)
    Add the snows clam juice
    Add your fresh clams and broth.
    Cover your skillet pan
    Turn the heat up to to medium and let that simmer....stir occasionally with the wooden spoon and don't boil to the point that its going to evaporate in 2 seconds...(why I suggest medium instead of high)
    meanwhile....cook your pasta..if you don't know how to make pasta look it up its easy...i like to cook it to an Al Dente texture.

    When the Pasta is done put your pasta in a large Porcelain bowl or sauce pan. Carefully pour in your clam mixture...stir it up and careful its hot! Goes good by itself or with some garlic bread on the side and a glass of white wine or beer. You can add salt to taste once served if you wish.

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    My recipe:

    one can of whole baby clams, drained
    tbsp flour
    tbsp butter
    one onion diced
    4 cloves garlic diced
    1 cup half-and-half
    mixed italian herbs (oregano/basil/parsely)
    olive oil for frying
    two servings hot cooked linguine (or other string pasta)

    Place oil in skillet to cover. add garlic/onion, fry until onion is translucent. reduce heat to very low. Add tsp of herb mixture.

    Add butter, stir in until entirely melted.

    sprinkle flour on mixture, stir thoroughly until well-mixed, and no lumps appear. Add half-and-half, stirring constantly until mixed well.

    Increase heat, until bubbling. Add drained clams. continue cooking, until sauce is thickened. Spoon sauce on pasta.
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    Love the thread... great food makes every man happy!! Love great Italian Dishes... our Italian Irish Background serves traditional Italiano daily...
    Two awesome cookbooks to check out.
    Victoria Gotti, great dishes from the old country
    Also, the Sopranos cookbook...
    Very cool stories is u were a fan of the show... and very good scicilian recipes..

    Enjoy your Spaghetti n Clams fellas! Now, I'm hungry

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