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    Judo for those unaware is a martial art that basically specializes in using your opponents energy against him, for instance if you dodge an opponents punch and grab his arm he is easliy thrown to the ground by his own momentum. Would this not be the same law for the spiritual warrior who can dodge the attacks of his foe then use their energy to his advantage, even at times using this foes energy to bust through a spiritual door that has been closed. When man's ill spirited attack is exacted upon you and you do not juke and jive to dodge then you will be struck again and again which will slowly chip away at your faith and will leaving you with no facilities to reason with and allowing you the only option left to a dying man, moaning! This is part of the nature of man to be devious and if God endowed us as people with the abiltiy to be devious surley he gave the learned the ability to detect and defend from it. The spiritual warrior does not look at himself as a hero or courageous good deed doer he is simply abiding by the law of nature of cause and effect. He is not a glory seeker and fights for divine causes only because this is the source of his power and wisdom. The spiritual warrior may not have created the situation nor want to be a part of it but his selfworth is based upon the ability to act when an injustice is committed. A spiritual warrior is silent and exact with his attacks and when he makes his strike you will never know he was there or had a part in anything you will be left to believe that you did it to yourself which if the spiritual warrior attacks you are no dought deserving. The point to remember here is that power is power and humans make it good and evil and once this point is accepted then you can begin to use all power to your advantage not just the stuff you think is good. To think leaving imperfect ideals in power and that they will eventualy die with them is non-sense. Power is not easily or quickly given up or attained it is hard fought and many men are lost to the cause but you can only knock a man down so many times before he gets up with some real purpose and fight. I am seeing so much proactive activity going on in Masonry let us refresh our spiritual Judo and join in.
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    we have been using the force from others in our lodge to an advantage, that the ones attacking cant imagine.
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    Wow, Rhit.


    Spiritual Warrior, I love it.

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