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    I do not have my law book here at work but this came up in lodge last night. we meet on the fourth thursday of the month and since Thansgiving always fall on that date, we vothe to be dark on that day, also christmas eve falls on the fourth thursday this year.
    one of the brethren, stated that we could miss 3 stated meeting and not be in any trouble(?). Another suggested that we could have called meeting for those months, tell if I am wrong but a called meeting can only be used for degree work and that no business be conducted (ie reading of minutes,etc)

    would some well informed brother give me an answer
    John Price
    Moran Lodge #863
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    My understanding is that you are only required to meet 4 times a year. Some lodges whose stated meetings fall on holidays meet the week before or after their original date.
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    El Campo meets on the 1st Thursday except Dec when we meet on the 3rd Thursday since GL starts the 1st Thursday
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    HOWEVER, if your meetings are going to NOT be held on teh dates advertised your required to get dispensation from GL to NOT meet on those days.
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    Off the top of my head I believe Wing is correct on the dispensation.
  6. TCShelton

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    Lol, what DOESN'T require dispensation?
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    If you put it into your bylaws that you will not meet on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or Christmas (or provide alternate dates) you will not need dispensation. El Campo Lodge did this concerning the first Thursday in December (Grand Lodge) and the 4th of July, when it falls on a Thursday.

    As to what business can be conducted in called meetings, consider the following:

    Art. 234. Stated Meetings: Business Required At.

    The following matters shall be attended to only at Stated Meetings:

    Receiving and balloting upon petitions for degrees, advancement
    and affiliation; receiving and voting on applications
    for demits, certificates of good standing; removal of Lodge to
    another location; receiving charges and complaints of Masonic
    disciplinary violations; election of Officers, surrender of charters;
    presentation of proposed by-laws and all amendments
    thereof (except as authorized in Subdivision 4 of Art. 216);
    reinstatement of membership and restoration of Masonic rights;
    granting of life memberships; consolidation of Lodges; and approval
    of accounts and other fiscal transactions, unless dispensation to
    the contrary is granted; and all other matters required elsewhere
    in these Laws to be transacted at Stated Meetings.

    When, at a Stated Meeting, a Lodge has been closed, it cannot be reopened
    as a Stated Meeting, although no one may have left the room.
    (Revised 2007).

    Art. 235. (273). Called Meetings: Business Permitted.

    Called Meetings may be ordered by the Master of the Lodge, or
    by the Senior Warden in his absence, or by the Junior Warden in
    the absence of both, at any time not prohibited by law for any one
    or more of the following purposes: to receive the Grand Master
    or his Representative or other distinguished Mason; to confer
    degrees on candidates previously elected; to examine and vote on
    the proficiency of candidates; to install officers; to conduct funerals,
    to receive and vote on adoption of by-laws under Subdivision 4
    of Art. 216; to adopt by-laws and amendments thereto when duly
    called for that purpose after reasonable notice given; to transact
    any other business not required by law to be acted on at a Stated

    The Secretary may be ordered to issue summons for such
    meetings when the circumstances are deemed such as to warrant
    it; such summons must be in writing and under the seal of the
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    Thanks Bro. Lins. We always appreciate your input on these type of issues. :thumbup1:

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