Stated meeting today! Onion Creek lodge #220

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    I went to my stated meeting today and was a bit uncomfortable at first. I got a lot of odd looks but, many brothers came to my aid! lol I met a lot of great brothers there that made me feel at home. I can't remember right off the back a lot of their names, but they were very friendly and looked like they were happy to see me! One particular brother stuck out although i didn't speak with him very much, he was very warm and inviting and reminded me of family. He was cooking and washing dishes. I also sat with another brother and his wife, bro. Curtis. They were very friendly and seemed very involved in Masonry. There was another brother there at the open meeting that received a Golden Trowel award 60 years of service and was there with his family. His Thank you speech put a knot in my throat because of the thankfulness and pride that he had expressed.

    I believe my next step is the investigation, so I'm waiting on a call to schedule a visit. I met a recent EA there, I believe he made EA last week. He told me he was still lost, lol. There were also a couple of other petitioners there which were as lost as I, so I found it funny. I'm thinking this is probably the hardest part coming into a new environment not knowing very many people or much of anything.

    In all it was a new experience and I'm excited to be a part of it. :D
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    Keep us informed as to your progress.
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    Good to hear Swole... I had chance to meet a Brother for Onion Creek, a Bro. Compton if my memory serves... older feller, real nice. If you happen to meet him, tell him that Bro. Williamson from NE Texas sends his best...

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