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    Brethren, please forgive me, I did not see this topic when I originally posted this under a general thread. This is a somewhat retouched version of my post titled "A Junior Among Past Masters". I am considering several of these because my journey has been somewhat unusual, with many twists and turns- each of which required me to make decisions and take actions that have propelled me along my path. So, as a first post, here is the reprint of "A Junior Among Past Masters" (with minor edits).

    My year in the East is finished and I've joined the ranks of the Past Masters as our lodge's Junior Past. It was the longest and the fastest year of my masonic journey and was by far the most enjoyable. Looking back on the year I can't help but be stunned at the apparent conflict in my competing memories- for example, I got many more things done than I expected, but I didn't get as many things done as I wanted. Every memory I have of a regret for an unaccomplished "something" is offset by an equally strong memory of "wow, I really got that done?"

    My path to the East, my journey passed the chairs has been anything but traditional. Having been raised, and set to labor almost immediately as Junior Deacon followed by Sr. Deacon, I then branched out to sample the Scottish Rite and then found my "masonic spirit" in the Chapter & Council of the York Rite where I spent many years working my way through the chairs and serving as High Priest, Thrice Illustrious Master, and District Deputy Grand High Priest for the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas.

    I eventually gravitated back to Blue Lodge to complete my journey to the East in the same year that I was installed as Sovereign Master of my AMD Council and as Eminent Governor of my York Rite College- it appears I do nothing the easy way. My return to the line at my lodge began- of all places- with Sr. Steward in 2013, and progressed directly to Sr. Warden in 2014, and on to the East in 2015.

    Of all the organizations, of all the offices, of all the titles, pins, and automobile emblems, I have to say my year in the East at my lodge has been the most emotional, most fulfilling, and most rewarding of my 17 years since my raising. When I look back on my year it is with fondness and love of the fraternity and my brethren without whom the work and all of the organizations and offices would mean nothing.

    As I welcomed our guests to our annual Installation, I wished our new officers well and pledged my support to them as those who preceded me supported me. Most of the installation is a blur in my mind, but as soon as I got home the competing emotions took over. I found myself thinking of things I need to do for the next Stated Meeting, and then remembered that job was now in the hands of my successor. I caught myself wondering why I couldn't remember what my next program was and where I was in the planning- then it hit me, my calendar and programs are finished, my successor and his team have taken charge, and my next duty for our next Stated Meeting is to show up and support my successor, his team, and our lodge. I'm still struck by how abruptly it was over, how fast and how completely my responsibilities changed; but of this I am sure- our lodge has a bright future and I am happy and proud that I was able to play a role in to that.

    As the Junior among our Past Masters, I have new duties and I am anxious to get started and to help ensure my successor is as successful as myself or more. As for the things I didn't get done in my year? If they are or were important, they will come up in due course because, you see, it's about the lodge, not about me.

    Thank you brethren for this moment of your time. I simply wanted to "vent" a bit and share some thoughts for whatever value they may have for other members here assembled. I am considering a blog to document my journey from raising to today, now that I have a little more time to myself- not a huge amount, but some.

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