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    I grew up in Houston and never even heard the word Mason. I moved to Columbus at age 16 and would here little comments here and there about the Masons but didn't have any idea what they were talking about.

    I never even noticed that nostalgic building with the large Square and Compass and the words Masonic Hall right in the middle of town.

    Jump ahead a couple years and I'm 21 years old and in the Police Academy back in Houston and my instructor mentions several times during class how he was a Mason and would tell several stories about it.

    So then I'm at the house and my mother tells me you should join the Masons so I'm like sure why not, not having any idea what they are or what they do but I knew many police are Masons so maybe it is something I should involve my self in. So my step father who retired from HPD, was a mason for probably several years looks at me and said you have to ask me. So I did.

    I get a petetion and turn it in. I get initiated and start my degree work about two weeks later I get a job and all the study comes to a halt. I kept saying I would do it later. But never got around to it.

    Jumping ahead 6 years and a wife and two kids later I'm working and I always talked about the Masons with my co workers but myself never continued studying. A coworker / friend asks what he needed to do to become a Mason and I referred him to my father and he got accepted and initiated.

    So I started learning with him. He then leaves and another good friend of mine moves back to Columbus and he was in the same boat as me. He joined in 2000 and moved away and never did his work. We began studying and in December 2008 we were both raised by Robert Burns Lodge in Round Rock.

    It had been a long struggle but now being involved for the past year I realized what I had been missing and love it. When we started going to the lodge regularly the lodge would be lucky to have five brothers there including us.

    Now late 2008 and 2009 we are getting at least 10 to 15 to each state meeting with about 5 new E.A. coming in. Even some of the old members started coming back. We went from a lodge that was almost dead to being a vibrant and fun lodge full of energy and ideas.

    Sorry it was so long but it was a long journey.
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    Wonderful story Brother!
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    That is a great story! Thank you sharing it.
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    Great story Brother. I dont mind long ones , but rather ejoy them. Its always great to hear of how a Brother finds the Light.
  5. Hey!!! I recognize that story!!! :D My good sir, it was a privilege and honor to be standing upon your left when you took the Master Mason's obligation. So good to hear to hear your report of upcoming degree work at Caledonia. When I read the minutes in Burns last night I mentioned something to that effect. At closing your Secretary, also a RB127 member, again expressed his thanks for the courtesy work and also mentioned that you two had been the catalyst so to speak of a resurgence of degree work at your lodge.

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