Structure of Freemasonry in Scotland

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    By Bro. Peter Taylor

    Structure of Freemasonry in Scotland

    The Grand Lodge of Scotland (Craft Masonry, Blue Lodge)
    1 Entered Apprentice
    2 Fellowcraft
    3 Master Mason – from here you are eligible to become a member of the AASR, ROoS and OSM
    4 Mark Master Mason – part of the Royal Arch Chapter degrees but can be conferred in Blue Lodge
    5 Installed Master

    The Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland
    Royal Arch Series (Chapter)
    1 Mark Master – if conferred in Blue Lodge it is necessary to affiliate to the Mark Master Lodge held with the body of the Chapter - now eligible to join the Squaremen
    2 Excellent Master
    3 Royal Arch Mason – from here you are eligible to become a member of the CC, RAM, KTs, RCC
    4 Installed 3rd Principle
    5 Installed 2nd Principle
    6 Installed 1st Principle
    7 Installed Mark Master
    The Cryptic Rite Series (Cryptic Council, CC)
    1 Royal Master
    2 Select Master
    3 Super Excellent Master
    4 Thrice Excellent Master
    Lodge and Council (Mariners, RAMs)
    1 Royal Ark Mariner
    2 Commander Noah
    3 Babylonish Pass or Red cross
    a. Knight of the Sword
    b. Knight of the East
    c. Knight of the East and West
    4 Chief and President
    The Order of the Cork
    1 Cork Degree

    The United, Religious and Military Orders of the Temple and the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta, (must be a RA Mason and Christian)
    The Order of the Temple, (KT)
    1 Esquire
    2 Knight
    The Order of Malta
    1 Knight of St Paul or Mediterranean Pass
    2 Knight of St John of Jerusalem and Malta

    The Imperial, Religious and Military Order of Rome and the Red Cross of Constantine, Holy Sepulchre and St. John the Evangelist. (Conclave) (must be RA Mason and Christian)
    1 Knight of Rome
    2 Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine
    3 Knight of the Holy Sepulchre
    4 Knight of St John the Evangelist

    The Royal Order of Scotland – usually by invitation only, Master Mason and Christian are the only requirements
    1 The Royal Order of the Heredom of Kilwinning
    2 The Knighthood of the R.S.Y.C.S

    The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Scotland (AASR) – invitation only, Master Mason and Christian are the only requirements.
    1st step is the 18th degree: lectures on degrees 4 -17 are given together before
    1 4th degree - Secret Master
    2 5th - Perfect Master
    3 6th - Intimate Secretary
    4 7th - Provost and Judge
    5 8th - Superintendant of Buildings
    6 9th - Master Elect of Nine
    7 10th - Master Elect of Fifteen
    8 11th - Knight Elect
    9 12th - Grand Master Architect
    10 13th - Royal Arch of Enoch
    11 14th - Scottish Knight of Perfection
    12 15th - Knight of the Sword or Knight of the East
    13 16th - Prince of Jerusalem
    14 17th - Knight of the East and West
    15 18th - Knight of the Eagle and Pelican, Sovereign Prince Rose Croix of H.R.D.M
    2nd step is the 30th degree; lectures on the 19th to 29th are given together
    16 19th - Grand Pontiff
    17 20th - Venerable Grand Master
    18 21st - Noachite or Prussian Knight
    19 22nd - Prince if Libanus or Knight of the Royal Axe
    20 23rd - Chief of the Tabernacle
    21 24th - Prince of the Tabernacle
    22 25th - Knight of the Brazen Serpent
    23 26th - Prince of Mercy
    24 27th - Sovereign Commander of the Temple
    25 28th - Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept
    26 29th - Knight of St Andrew of Scotland
    27 30th - Grand Elected Knight Kadosh

    28 31st - Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander

    29 32nd - Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

    30 33rd and Last Degree - Sovereign Grand Inspector General

    The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest or Order of the Holy Wisdom, (must be an Installed Master, RA Mason and a KT, Christian)
    1. Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest

    The Order of the Secret Monitor or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan, (OSM) (Master Mason is the only requirement for admission)
    1 Induction
    2 Admission

    Ye Corpoartion of Squaremen (must be a Mark Master Mason)
    1 Squareman
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    NEat to see others have diffrent orders for their degrees
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    Thats way cool! I noticed the SR degrees are named slightly different.
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    Does anyone know if their SR or YR (type bodies) match up with ours? Said another way, could a member of the SR or YR here attend meetings of bodies with similar names over there?
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    That's a great question!

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