"Substantial" Gold Overlay Masonic Ring

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  1. C. Banks Barbee

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    Hey guys, I found something on good old ebay that I thought you should take notice of.

    First, my own personal preface. I've been a MM for just over a year, but still haven't invested in a ring. For one, I've never really been a ring person. Second, even though my grandfather was going to get me one as a gift, I could never settle on one that was to my "discriminating" taste. I always centered on the simplicity of the Master's Jewel rings, but also liked these as well.

    Other factors that had to be considered was that it had to have a semblance of antiquity. As a general rule, I stray away from things modern. If given a choice I would be word processing right now on my late 50s Olympia SM-3 typewriter. Any ring would also have to look good at reenactments, my most endearing hobby.

    Since becoming a MM, my circumstances have changed. I now work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and literally brush elbows with petty thieves and solid gold triple title world champion knockout killers. When I'm at work, I don't even take in my wallet-- why would I want to wear in a $250+ ring? Plus, it's not that I'm forgetful, I just have a tendency to lose personal peripheral items, such as zippos, lucky charms, socks in the dryer, etc.

    Well, the other day while perusing eBay, I saw this item: NEW SUBSTANTIAL 18 KT GOLD OVERLAY MASONIC RING - SZ 10
    I can't exactly say that I'm a believer that jewelry under $20 is fine jewelry, but at 20 bucks I really couldn't pass it up. It looked exactly like what I wanted, at a very affordable price, and at a deal that wouldn't make me cry if it slipped off my finger or decided to go on a vacation under the bed or between the couch cushions. I decided to give it a whirl. Plus also I have a standing policy that when on eBay I buy from people peddling their goods from Texas before other locations, and this guy almost lives in Texas-- Dallas, South Oklahoma to be exact. :tongue_smilie:

    In the listing, it says in plain English that it's 18k Gold overlaid on jeweler's brass. It also claims to have a thicker "shell" of plating than other "cheapos", but as I am a historian/ correctional officer, and have no personal means of attesting to these claims. However, I will say that the ring I ordered came in today, just 3 days after ordering it (and with Thanksgiving inbetwixt as well). My first impression was how heavy the sucker is-- definitely hefty. I wouldn't recommend engraving as I can't attest to how thick that plating is.

    For what it's worth, it comes with a "Lifetime Guarantee" from the importer. I don't know if that's my lifetime or the owner's kid's county fair goldfish's life, but it looks fancy. At just $20.03 with sales tax and free shipping, I'm not exactly concerned with the validity of a guarantee. Who knows, right?

    It's not fine jewelry, but to me it looks like something that might have been ordered by a working class boy, sooty factory worker by day and noble Freemason by night, from the Sears catalog over a century ago, probably using the same techniques and you know what? That's good enough for me.

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  2. LRG

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    thats a cool looking ring
  3. Hippie19950

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    I am much like you, in that I tend to lose things that are not connected from birth, or re-connected after my birth. I work in a situation where a wring, or metal watch band could result in serious injury or death. I don't wear a ring especially while working because of this, and my watch has a velcro band for fast removal. Now, as for the ring you bought, I like it too. I like some things modern, but prefer a lot of things to be from days gone by. I still shoot black powder every chance I get, but don't do the re-enactments. I like the simpler things in life. Besides, they are much easoer to fix when they break...
  4. Nate C.

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    I think it is a really good looking ring.

    Depending on which unit you are working it, the craft shop can be a source of really nice Masonic accoutrements. Over the years, I have seen some beautiful leather and metalwork coming off the various farms: belt buckles, keyfobs, etc.
  5. C. Banks Barbee

    C. Banks Barbee Registered User

    Except that I work third shift, so it's hard for me to got up to the unit during the day just to shoot the breeze with a couple of cons in the craft shop. Plus our shop has some really sporadic hours due to schedule irregularities (however I guarantee if the Old Man wanted something made, that shop would be crankin' 24 hours a day till it got done... )

    There is a guy who makes rings up there. Really good looking ones, but I don't like getting things made then having them ask "how's it holding up Boss? Can I fix it? Will you recommend my work?" and it puts me in a pickle because although the work is fine, I don't like talking business infront of other cons while I'm supposed to be doing my 'rat stompin'. Anyway.

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