Sunday Morning Breakfast (The Bond)

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    Last night I received an invitation from Brother Bill to have breakfast with him and Brother Tidwell. I was surprised to see this, which by now, out of Masonry this kinship should have not surprised me lol. I called brother bill to make sure we were still on and on the other end of the line I heard a laughing bellow of a voice "Good Morning Brother Swole!" The manner in which he spoke was that of a long lost friend. I met these two gentlemen outside and instantly hit it off with them. They were very down to earth and "Real" as we shared a lot of the same views in life, philosophy and everyday living. It was one of the most meaningful conversations I have had in a long time. The generosity and friendship of these men was contagious. At one point I asked "Where do we pay?" Brother Bill turns to me and says "Oh no, we already paid, did you not see Brother Tidwell racing to pay first before I got there?" Brother Tidwell then replied "You did it to me last time" All I could do is laugh at the answer he gave further understanding the brotherhood and friendship that these two gentlemen shared and I was becoming a part of now. All I can say about these two brothers is that so far from what I have seen and the conversations we had are true results of Free Masonry. I believe that without the craft I may have not even met these individuals and would have been missing out. I have a feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The next time we meet I believe a small wrestling match may ensue over who treats lol! I had a great time and morning easily turned to afternoon in the great company of these two brothers. Thanks you both.
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    My Brother, you've just experienced Freemasonry in action :)
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    Congratulations Brother! Sounds better than my Super 8 coffee!

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