Taking trip to San Antonio.....need help SA brothers

Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by daopqc, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. daopqc

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    Hey there brothers, I have never been to San Antonio , So my girl friend and I decide to head out there for the weekend. My problem is I have no idea where to go and what I sound see there. I know there is the Alamo ( which iam very excite to see) but I have no clue here its at and how to get there. Also , we are broke college students and I need a nice cheap hotel. So if any of my San Antonio Brothers can help me out I would truely appreciate it very much.
  2. TxManx

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    I'm not from San Antonio, but have visited before...so here are some suggestions...

    Alamo is a given...not only for history, but because you're a Mason...

    Given that you're trying to save money, I assume Sea World and Fiesta Texas are out...but if you have the cash, they are unique and fun...

    Spend some time at the Historic Market Square...

    It's a must, since you're taking your girlfriend, to plan an evening doing the Riverwalk after dark... a gondola ride is always cool...

    Would help if I knew what else you were interested in, but here's a link that might help you out:


  3. tomasball

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    As for cheap hotels, there are some on Broadway just outside downtown that are usually pretty cheap. The El Rancho comes to mind. But mind you, we're talking primitive here.

    Things to see. In my book, the Old Spanish Missions are a nice visit, and free. They're scattered in a chain south from downtown.

    Brackenridge Park is scenic, in a dilapidated, WPA-built sort of way. It's free, except for attractions like the Zoo (which is good) and the Witte Museum (which is a little youngster-oriented for my taste.)

    I'd certainly visit the riverwalk, and probably try to splurge on dinner down there. There are certainly some adequate cafes along the river. My favorite, though, is the Liberty Bar on Josephine street. You have to see it to understand.

    If you're into art, the San Antonio Museum of Art is worth the small cost. Also on the art subject is the McNay Art Museum, in a cool old mansion.

    The Institute of Texan Cultures in Hemisfair Park is pretty interesting, and right next door to the Tower of the Americas.
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    if you like Tex-MEx there is an awesome Mexican resturant, Mi Terrias (sp?) It is a must go to when we go to SA; matter of fact our trip is usually planned around eating there. They have a nice open air market to wonder through as well. Of course the ladies always like the river walk after dark... we usually stay at the LQ which is usually reasonable. Depending what kinda work you do, you can get a discount with the LQ if you work for the state or federal gov
  5. david918

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    I always heard the best Mexican food in SA was at Taco Bell:biggrin:
  6. js4253

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    That's if you are a mexican food GROMET!

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