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  1. Thestoat

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    Hey guys

    I'm finding this a great forum to grow as a Mason.

    Over here, there is a pretty strong anti Masonic element, and they like to speak out against us, I was in a meeting when someone complained about me being a Mason, and I did what was suggested and took the guys name, he kinda shut up then.

    Now, I'm all for keeping the secrets, as an example my grandmother has the onset of dementia, and I'm moving her to a Masonic retirement home, as she keeps talking about it, and going on about our blood line and the secrets she knows, so that's a sensible move.

    A lot of guys at my lodge, when asked why they are wearing a forget me not pin badge, say it's a gardening club, I don't, I explain that it's in memorial to my brethren who lost their lives in the war.

    A lot of guys say we should remain secret, in case the anti Masonic come for us, I haven't, I make it obvious I'm a freemason, I have put the square and compass on my drive, on my new website, I intend to have a Square and compass, and my twitter account, (under landkhygiene) has loads of Masonic links.

    My attitude to this is let them come, my jack Russell terrier will eat ya!

    I won't live afraid, and it's got so ridiculous, that when someone found out I have got Masonic swords, they asked if I should have a licence (I don't need one yet, although the way the uk is now, probably won't be long)

    I'm proud of being a Mason, and I see most of you are, I'm pretty well known in the area, I've been on local council, uk tv and radio, so I feel that by telling people I'm a mason, is good and shows us in a good way.

    What about others, would you hide your membership away, do you think people who do are just perpetuating the secrecy myth?

    My opinion is keep the ceremonies secret, and a few things clearly, but to tell people proudly that I'm a Mason, and what we are about, to help our future, as people would see we aren't sinister and maybe join, especially with family links, instead of regarding us as sinister.

    One of the saddest things I heard was a friend tell me he didn't believe I was a Mason, as he knew it was only for doctors, solicitors and people who earned a certain ammount of money, I proved I was.

    Now this guy, seeing me as a regular guy who enjoys a beer, enjoys smoking tobacco, and works a dog, and is basically a country boy at heart, well he said to me, my dad was a Mason, I'm gunna join his old lodge, and he has, so by being upfront with the guy, I won a man for us, a good family man at that.

    So, tell everyone, or keep it quiet?
  2. robert leachman

    robert leachman Registered User

    What does that mean:"in case the anti-Masonics come for us"?

    I may not go around telling everyone I meet I'm a Mason, I will never deny it either!
  3. Thestoat

    Thestoat Guest

    To give you an example, on one website, written by a bill Maloney, he puts you tube videos on there accusing us of being satanic worshipers, and says we should all be hunted down, he doesn't make it clear what happens once we've been hunted down, but usually when you hunt, you kill your prey.

    Another comment sent to me was that we were the enemies if christ, this was by a guy who didnt even know I was a mason.

    Good to know your out there flying the Masonic flag so to speak
  4. gnarledrose

    gnarledrose Registered User

    I've heard that UK Masons have had to tone down their Masonic pride quite a bit-- Wasn't there a bill a couple years ago that tried to have Masonic judges and officials declare their membership? But all this sounds like overkill!
    On behalf of us "over-proud" Yankee Masons (as I've heard us called, what with our rings and pins and flags...), thank you! Especially for not hiding the blue forget-me-not and its significance! That's one history lesson I mean to never forget.
  5. Thestoat

    Thestoat Guest

    Yes there was a big move to have judges, police, civil servants and indeed anyone in public service who happened to be masons declare their membership, this seems to have gone now.

    There are of course a few rogue lodges, always will be, and it is they who are the cause of this sort of thing.

    I am not a judge, or indeed anyone particularly important, but even if I was, I'd still be proud and fly the Masonic flag, and wear my forget me not, I think the next generation of masons needs to have a pride in masonry, and to be able to speak about their membership.

    I hope one day to visit a Texas lodge and see how you guys openly advertise your membership.

    I'm actually thinking about doing a charity run in a square and compass tee shirt.

    All this secrecy seems a shame, over here we sponsor the st John ambulance service, who back up charity events and also we sponsor the helicopter air ambulance, we should tell more people, in the uk we are the second biggest contributor to charity after the national lottery, and hardly anyone knows, they just think we are sinister or silly, shame really.

    Anyways thanks for you positive encouragement.
  6. Beathard

    Beathard Premium Member

    Do the run. Show the colors. Be proud. Be a mason.
  7. Thestoat

    Thestoat Guest

    I will, I shall do the run and show the square and compass, loud and proud, training run on Sunday morning, will let you all know how I get on, and I may try to get other masons involved
  8. tom268

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    I concur, especially with your opinion, that showing means the personal affiliation with masonry, not the temples, rituals and symbols. That does not to any good. It does not help the Neutrals becoming supportive, but it helps the Antis to get more and more detailed ammo to forge into their rediculous bedtime stories.

    But it is every brother's own decision. Some just don't want to discuss it and explain themselves every time, others are afraid to say something wrong, others don't care and like to show off. Whatever it is, it is the decision of every single brother.

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