Ten Questions as presented in Whither Are We Traveling?

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    Brothers I came across this and found it worthy to repeat.

    Laudable Pursuit:
    A 21st Century Response to Dwight Smith

    Smith’s Ten Questions as presented in Whither Are We Traveling? Are
    the basic foundation of the modern Born Again Fundamentalist Freemason

    1. “Can we expect Freemasonry to retain its past glory and prestige unless
    the level of leadership is raised above its present position?â€

    2. “How well are we guarding the West Gate?â€

    3. “Has Freemasonry become too easy to obtain?â€

    4. “Are we not worshipping at the altar of bigness?â€

    5. “What can we expect when we have permitted Freemasonry to become
    subdivided into a score of organizations?â€

    6. “Has the American passion for bigness and efficiency dulled the spirit of
    Masonic charity?â€

    7. “Do we pay enough attention to the Festive Board?â€

    8. “What has become of that ‘course of moral instruction, veiled in allegory
    and illustrated by symbols’ that Freemasonry is supposed to be?â€

    9. “Hasn’t the so-called ‘Century of the Common Man’ contributed to Making
    our Fraternity a little too common?â€

    10. “Are there not too many well-meaning Brethren who are working overtime
    tomake Freemasonry something other than Freemasonry?â€
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    If you havent read the original its very much worthy of a read. Whats most interesting to me is that what many today see as a new/recent problem has been around for a long long time! Whither are we Traveling was published in 1963.
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    Excellent points.

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