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Texas Beer

Favorite Texas Beer

  • Shiner

    Votes: 26 59.1%
  • Lonestar

    Votes: 7 15.9%
  • Rahr

    Votes: 4 9.1%
  • Franconia Brewing Company

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Zeigenbock

    Votes: 4 9.1%
  • Pearl

    Votes: 3 6.8%

  • Total voters

Preston DuBose

Registered User
I grew up about 40 minutes from Shiner, so that was the beer I usually ordered when I was in college. However, once I tried a "Zieg" that became my beer of choice. Now I only drink Shiner as a fallback.

SC Heston

Premium Member
None of the above!!

Thirsty Goat Amber - Thirsty Planet Brewing Company, Austin, TX
Fuego (Jalapeno Infused TexMex Pilsner) - TwistedX Brewing Company Cedar Park, TX
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SC Heston

Premium Member
It is really tasty. Jim has it dialed in perfectly. I've tried other "chile beer" and this is so much better.


Premium Member
I once drank Pearl when I was either:

* short of money
* looking for a headache
* in need of a bowel movement

Further money woes led me to Texas Pride! The remaining bullets fell in place.


Premium Member
Firemans 4 a good wheat beer with little to no after taste or blue moon summer ale REALLY good beer there
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Registered User
Toured the brewing facility at Blackstar Co-Op in Austin yesterday, with the obligatory tasting to follow. One beer really surprised me - Waterloo. It's a sour mash beer, and is very tart, but finished extremely clean. (This means it had a ton of flavor, but very little aftertaste).

Also got to try Thirsty Planet's Yellow Armadillo. First Thirsty Planet beer I've tried and it was very nice. Circle's Hefeweizen and BlackStar's own Vulcan finished off the tasting.

Scott J

Registered User
1st Free
2nd Cold

Anything after that is just a plus...

It depends on the mood I'm in and the money I've got. Prefer imports to domestics. Bud, Bud Light, MGD, Coors, Coors Light ect and so on ask give me a very bad headache while I'm drinking. Pearl makes for a decent pesticide, most pests won't even go near it.

I guess my favs would have to be; Fosters, Castlemain XXXX, Guiness, Heiniken, Killians, Shiner (I know, it's not an import, it just tastes like one.) The list can go on.

Wingnut: Did you ever make it over to The Lords & Ladys Old English Pub in Kialua? Chuck (the owner) always had at least 100 imports on hand. Some were great and some... well let's just say they weren't good.

Scott Johnson
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Brent Heilman

Premium Member
Foster's is Australian for beer as long as the person isn't Australian. I had the pleasure of serving with several Aussies over seas and they all steered clear of Fosters.


Registered User
Guinness when it is cold outside.

Shiner for every day drinking (though it is harder to come by here in FL).

Bud Light Lime when it is hot out.

Brent Heilman

Premium Member
Shiner for every day drinking (though it is harder to come by here in FL).

Go to Total Wine. There is one at St. John's Town Square next door to Five Guys. They have an amazing beer selection. While you are at it pick up some Harpoon. It is a Boston beer. I highly recommend the UFO and IPA.