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    I was born in Houston, currently living in Michigan, and grew up in the oilpatch, where I worked as an inspector until the Iranian Hostage Crisis in '79. I decided to join the Army because of that, and was assigned to the 59th Ordinance Brigade as a radio operator on Lance Missle Crew.

    After my enlistment was over, I returned to Texas, and worked for Halliburton for awhile, until the crash of '85. That led me to a career change, and I became a boat builder, eventually starting my own small fiberglass shop.

    A heart attack forced my to retire far sooner than I had planned on. Oh, well, "The best laid plans of mice and men."

    The Army led to my having two interesting hobbies; amateur radio and working dogs. I'm currently the county Deputy Emergency Manager for ARES, and the Secretary for the local Schutzhund Club.

    The reality of Masonic Brotherhood was impressed on me at my Passing. I was sitting next to a brother who had served in the Czech Tank Corps. When I mentioned that the Lance Missle was deployed to destroy Warsaw Pact tanks, he responded that he was well aware of the Lance missles, and that he was there to destroy us.

    Imagine that; two former sworn enemies enjoying dinner and brotherhood together.

    I will be raised this month, and hope to work through the chairs in order to increase my knowledge, and better serve my community.
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    You should read, A House Undivided Freemasonry and the Civil War.
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    Greetings and welcome Brother.
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    Welcome again to the family twice adopted Brother.

    There's something about opponents versus enemies and allies versus friends. When my squadron searched for Soviet subs in the Pacific they were the opponent but I don't think many considered them an enemy. It seems like an opponent is on the other side "this time" while an enemy is someone you expect to be on the other side "nearly every time".

    Fellowship in lodge is one way to learn how that works. From one war to the next opponents can become allies. While allies are good to have and to be, the goal should be to convert any enemy into a friend. That's a higher and more noble purpose.
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    Welcome to the forum Brother
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