Texas Laws & GM Decisions on the Chamber of Reflection?

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    Howdy, Brethren.

    Does anyone have a copy of the GM's Decisions that reference the "Chamber of Reflection?" I consulted the lawbook and did not find it terribly enlightening on the matter.

    If someone could point out what the actual wording of the decisions are, I would be really grateful!

  2. chrmc

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    I don't think anything official has ever been issued. It's certainly not in the laws and have mainly been dealt with under the Committee of Work.
    Short story is that they don't want it as it could scare the candidates, and think the official reasoning being put forward is that it belongs in the Commandry degrees, not in blue lodge.

    You can get away with quite a lot as a lodge, just don't start putting a skull in the anteroom and calling it a CoR, then you're likely good.
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    What should have happened is some lodges do the event before the opening ceremony. As such with would not have been a part of the ritual and thus not something GL would get involved with.

    What did happen is some lodge did it after the opening ceremony. As such they performed ritual not authorized, during a time when the prescribed ritual must be performed. Very badly thought through. Of course that got an edict banning it.

    Here's what I think the question is - Did that edict get voted and approved to make it permanent? An edict by a GM can die at the end of that GM's term or it can be submitted at Annual Communication to be approved or rejected for permanent status. This would have been voted on roughly 5 years ago ...
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    Good points Brothers Christian and Doug...
  5. Bill Lins

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    Yes, it did, and Art. 127 of the Law was modified accordingly- both in 2013.
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  6. Bill Lins

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    Yes, it is- note the italicized portion below:

    Art. 127. Ritual. No ritual other than that promulgated by this Grand Lodge shall be taught or used in this Jurisdiction, nor shall paraphernalia except as listed in Article 223 be used, nor shall preparation of Candidates include other than that provided in the Monitor of the Lodge or otherwise required by any provision of the laws of this Grand Lodge, provided however by special dispensation of the Grand Master, a degree team from another Grand Jurisdiction in fraternal relations with this Grand Lodge may confer a degree on one of their own candidates using ritual as approved in the degree team’s home jurisdiction, provided said ritual is in English. (Revised 2013)
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    I've been to a Spanish and a French degree in California. Clearly neither would be done here by a traveling team. Illinois also specified English only about the time of WW1 and has never decided to accept work in other languages. Not a big enough deal to me to consider submitting legislation on.

    Notice that the wording does not mention Chamber of Reflection not a part of the prescribed work. That is - Do it and complete it before the Opening ceremony and thus it's not a part of the ritual at all. it's what should have been done from the beginning.

    I suggest it's still too soon to do that. Maybe some day.
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