Texas Masonic Governors and Presidents

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    Sorry if this is a repeat but its pretty interesting if you enjoy Texas history. These are the leaders of Texas throughout our history as a nation and state that were Freemasons.

    Texas Leaders
    Presidents of the Republic of Texas
    David G. Burnet President 1836, Lorenzo DeZavala Vice President
    Samuel Houston President 1836-1838, Mirabeau B. Lamar Vice President
    Mirabeau B. Lamar, President 1838-1841, David G. Burnet Vice President
    Anson Jones, President 1844-1846, Kenneth Anderson Vice President

    James Henderson 1844-1846, Redland Lodge 3, San Augustine Texas
    George Wood 1847-1849, Forest Lodge 19, Huntsville Texas
    James Henderson 1846-1847, Holland Lodge 1, Houston Texas
    Elisha Pease 1853-1857, St Johns Lodge 5, West Columbia Texas
    Hardin Runnels 1857-1859, Austin Lodge 12, Austin Texas
    Samuel Houston 1859-1861, Cumberland Lodge 8. Nashville Tennessee
    Edward Clark 1861, Austin Lodge 12, Austin Texas
    Francis Lubbock 1861-1863, Holland Lodge 1, Houston Texas
    Andrew Hamilton 1865-1866, Palestine Lodge 12, Palestine Texas
    James Throckmorton 1866-1867, St Johns Lodge 51, McKinney Texas
    Edmund Davis 1870-1874, Rio Grande Lodge 81, Brownsville Texas
    Richard Coke 1874-1876, Waco Lodge 92, Waco Texas
    Richard Hubbard 1876-1879, St Johns 53, Tyler Texas
    Oran Roberts 1879-1883, Redland Lodge 3, San Augustine Texas
    John Ireland 1883-1887, Guadalupe Lodge 109, Seguin Texas
    Lawrence Sullivan Ross 1887-1891, Waco Lodge 92, Waco Texas
    Charles Culberson 1886-1899, Jefferson Lodge 38, Jefferson Texas
    Joseph Sayers 1899-1903, Gamble Lodge 244, Bastrop Texas, Grand Master 1875
    S.W.T Lanham 1903-1907, Phoenix Lodge 275, Weatherford Texas
    William Hobby 1917-1921, Beaumont Lodge 286, Beaumont Texas
    Pat Neff 1921-1925, Baylor Lodge 1235, Waco Texas, Grand Master 1945
    Dan Moody 1927-1931, Solomon Lodge 484, Taylor Texas
    Ross Sterling 1931-1933, Holland Lodge 1, Houston Texas
    James Allred 1935-1938, Bowie Lodge 578, Bowie Texas
    W. Lee O’Daniel 1939-1949, Ninnescah Lodge 230, Kingman Kansas
    Coke Stevenson 1941-1947, Junction Lodge 548, Junction Texas
    Beauford Jester 1947-1949, Corsicana Lodge 174, Corsicana Texas
    Allan Shivers 1949-1957, Magnolia Lodge 495, Woodsville Texas; Hill City Lodge 456, Austin Texas
    Price Daniels 1957-1963, Liberty Lodge 48, Liberty Texas
    Preston Smith 1969-1973, Yellowhouse Lodge 841, Lubbock Texas
    Dolph Briscoe 1973-1979, Uvalde Lodge 472, Uvalde Texas
    Mark White 1983-1987, Park Place Lodge 1172, Houston Texas; University Lodge 1190, Austin Texas
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    Great info!

    Got the list from Grand Lodge bout 2 months ago.
    My plan is to do a little history on each governor and their home lodge.
    But I'm way behind.

    Been a long time since we had a mason guvnuh or Lt. Guvnuh.

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