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    This Sunday 12/07/08 The Deputy Grand Master of The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas, RW Michael T. Anderson, will be on the radio - live for a podcast at Masonic Central.

    Please join us at Masonic Central at 8:00 PM

    To participate take the following steps. Log onto MASONIC CENTRAL: http://masoniccentral.blogspot.com/

    At the top middle you will see directions on how to access the show. This show will be podcast so if you miss it you can listen to it at a later time. What the live performance will give you in addition is an after the show - parking lot- informal discussion off the air - only Sunday night.


    The show is broadcast on TALKSHOE: www.talkshoe.com This format broadcasts many different shows not just Masonic Central. Look for the logo:

    If you click on that it will take you directly to a sign in box. Now if you joined Talkshoe you chose a user name and received a password (usually your telephone number). If you chose not to join click "register as a guest". Either way you will now be able to listen to the program through your computer speakers and also there will be a type in chat board running. If you desire to talk to the show and afterwards in the parking lot chat dial the phone # they give you and enter the pin # shown and your ID or guest. If you do that the sound through your speakers will be shut off and the show will come through your telephone.

    You cannot find the program or access it before 7:45 PM Sunday night so don't look for it before that time. Talkshoe has many broadcasts but only will show those about to broadcast or those on the air at the time you click onto their site.
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    Sorry I'm late Brother, but thank you for the podcast info.

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