Thanks to Imhotep AMD Council #434

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    [​IMG]My deepest thanks go to the officers and members of Imhotep Council No. 434 Allied Masonic Degrees in Indianapolis for the last two years they have graciously allowed me to serve as Sovereign Master. My final official duty last night was to install incoming Sovereign Master Gary Messer and his officer's line.

    I thoroughly enjoy this small, dedicated group of brethren. We meet, appropriately, in the Egyptian-themed Red Cross Room of Indiana Freemasons' Hall, and I always look forward to our quarterly gatherings. We are small enough in size that we all know each other and have a warm friendship for each other. The other advantage of a small group is that we get to easily take advantage of the wide variety of dining venues that surround us in downtown Indianapolis. We go out of our way to find a new place each meeting (thanks in many cases to Kyle Fahrner for his diligence in this matter!).

    We discussed some plans for the coming year, and I look forward to more and greater things with this Council.[​IMG]


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