The Craftsman's Symbology, Book 1

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    Brethren, I wanted to announce to you all that my first book, The Craftsman's Symbology, Book 1: Selected Symbols of the Entered Apprentice Degree, is now available for Pre-order at a reduced price through June 26. Ships June 29th.

    This book is the first in a series of three treating selected symbols of the EA degree.

    You can order the book here:


    Bro. Anthony Mongelli
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    ....Brother Mongelli...
    I would love to write a book but I am sure I would have to clear it with my Grand Lodge.
    It is based tightly upon our trial lecture which is very Secret and strongly guarded that not a single word should change.

    I Know Why!!

    We are taught that in the formation 0f King Solomons body in the womb of his mother, the only metallic sound was possibly eating Stone is made of flesh....and the Spirit that animates life. Thus Living Stone is flesh.......very Speculative.

    This Living edifice that I erect daily (24 hours) is to become a Temple to the Living Deity....that when time destroys its biologic will return to the dust as it was all earthly structures do.

    Star Mztyk
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    Nice combination of symbols. Symbols mean something different to every person so they have a wide range of meanings. May we all ponder our symbols to the point of being able to combine them into greater meanings such as this.

    The words iron and metal appear in various versions of the ritual I've learned. Some versions use one some the other making them almost interchangeable. In today's world steel and iron are so commonly used we say "non-ferrous metal" to specify any metal other than iron. Not so in the time of King Solomon's temple. That edifice was erected during the bronze age. None of the metal they had was iron unless someone found a nickel-iron meteorite and forged it into some tool or weapon. Legends about doing that tend to be from the north not from the south.
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    This is profound,

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