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    The Master Mason
    by Joseph Fort Newton.
    Published in Masonic Bulletin-BCY- November 1957

    Still further light in Masonry, even the Light that sees through the Shadow into the life of things. As an Apprentice I have been taught the morality that purifies youth, and as a fellowcraft the knowledge that glorifies manhood: learning the wisdom that lives upon the Level, by the Square, within the Compasses, in the spirit of Brotherly Love, the practise of Relief, in the quest of Truth. In humble awe and longing I seek a Lost Word which murmurs in my ears and trembles on my lips, but eludes my speech and escapes into Silence.

    By the right of a man to know the meaning of his life, so brief at its longest, so broken at its best; and by the benefit of a need too deep for tears. Life ends in death, and every ray of light is tipped with darkness. We are born, we struggle up into strength, we seek the truth, we train our hands to do good, and our quest and sorrow are met by death. The longest service, the most faithful labor, the highest dream ends in the grave, which divides Divinity with God, engulfing the loves of life and the fellowship of years.

    Know, 0 Brother Man, the secret which thou seekest is concealed within thyself; the Lost Word thou wouldst hear is not hidden from thee, neither is it far off. Nay, the Word is very nigh unto thee, it is in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it. Hear this promise: if thou art willing and worthy, thou mayest know- the truth that makes all other truth true, and be free indeed. Learn this truth; since thou art immortal thou art immortal now-hast thou the courage and humility and in¬tegrity to risk all and make trial of truth?

    O Death, where is thy sting? O Grave, where is thy victory? by the strong grip of faith and the power of an Endless Life. God is here, eternity is now, and death is but the shadow of life. Truth is lord of death; Love can never lose its own; the sky begins at the top of the ground; Life is radiant, all conquering reality, and death but a cloud-shadow wandering over a valley; O my Soul, remember and rejoice life is a moment of Eternity lived in Time.

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