The Great Architect of the Universe

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    Good Morning!
    The dawn begins exactly. I am holding a compass and a scales in my hands. I was talking with the Architect.
    We met at the top of the pyramid. He ordered to carry the torch. After that I have written “An Interview with the Great Architect of the Universeâ€.
    It contains important serious information for Dedicated.
    I can communicate fluently in English, but unfortunately I can`t translate my work from Russian into English, because the Judge has already broken the hourglass, but I have a lot of urgent matters in the construction. That`s why, I`m working hard in the East from noon to noon.
    If you look closely you will see, that the Interview is illustrated, it will tell about it better, than my comments. I created four of this illustrations, those, which contains the signatures:
    The Arbitrariness of the Architect
    The Right of the Architect
    The Will of the Architect
    The Invasion of the Architect

    This is a sketch from the transcendental plan. Architect approved such illustrations - He's all right with a sense of humor.
    I know for sure, that the interview will be translated. But I have to check, if the keys are transferred correctly.
    About the password, which mentioned at the end of the interview. I can`t write about it in an open forum, only in PM. Tell me the first word and I'll tell you the second.

    You can find my work here:
    My contact:
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    >He's all right with a sense of humor.

    Perhaps he could find somewhere other than a sign up site for files

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