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  1. Blake Bowden

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    Some of us have been Mason a short time, while others many years. During our time as Masons, has there been a Brother who stood out above the rest and left a lasting impression on you? If so, please elaborate...
  2. jonesvilletexas

    jonesvilletexas Premium Member

    There are men in the Masonic futurity that where masons before receiving there degrees. I believe that if you look at what the Masonic order teaches and I mean above the saying “we make men better men” not that the lessons do just that, but some of our brother where just that.
    When I become a mason, one brother went far and above to help me in my work and has become my inspiration over the past 25 years not only as a mason but as my Christian Brother as well.
  3. many. I dare not name them first, as they're too numerous to list. second, I'd never forgive myself were I to leave one out. lastly, I cannot provide a static answer to such a dynamic question...

    as mom once told me, "when someone does something that really shows you who they are... PLEASE believe them." There have been brothers who have shocked me to my core in both good ways and bad ways.
  4. js4253

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    Without giving names, the Masons that have impressed me most were quiet, humble, willing to help and ready to teach the work. These Brothers do not seek recognition or praise, they are just there to be your BROTHER.
  5. Bro. Stewart P.M.

    Bro. Stewart P.M. Lead Moderator Emeritus Staff Member

    I would have to say that ALL of the Brothers that I interact with have helped firm the impression that I have of Masonry. However, If I were to pin-point a single Brother it would have to be the Brother who taught me all my work when going through the degrees. There is a bond that develops between the Apprentice and Master that is hard to discribe, and from what I have been told not that uncommon.
  6. nick1368

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    Well put. Those Brothers that have pressed me are the ones that are just there...willing to help out in anyway they can but not willing to be recognized for it. They want to help out how they can then go fan fair.
  7. LRG

    LRG Premium Member

    all the active brethren within both wharton, el campo, bay city and all the fmrc.

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