The halfway point

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    The halway point?

    (Note this is long, not structured and non-liniear, Im currently fighting a bad cold)

    I came into contact with freemasonry as well as fraternal orders a result of my intressts in history, religon and esoterism.

    At 23 I joined another order called Tempel Riddare Orden in Swedish but was known as the Templars of honour and temprance during its beginning in the US.

    I started my journey into freemasonry mainly at a swedish forum where one sub-forum was dedicated to disscusions about “NWO, Illuminati and orders”. It was intressting as there where both conspiracy theorists, curious seekers as well as high degree members.

    After looking around a bit it stood between LDH and the Swedish order of freemasons (GL of Sweden). Eventually the GL of Sweden won becuse of its long history, intressting hints that it was a rich system as well as the historical connection with the royality.

    After contacting the local lodge of St John and going through the process I got a call asking if I wanted to be initiated the next week, I said yes and a week later I stood outside the door in my tails eagerly waiting to see what was to come and the I° did not dissapoint, it was a good experience wich I sometimes wich I could go through again.

    After seeing my degree once, I was (on my second meeting) put to work by one of the CMs to help out.

    After a few months the time for the II° came wich was a surreal experience to say the least.

    The months passed, I visited another lodge in another city and helped out.

    The the time for the III° came wich truly cemented the experience.

    A while after my third I was asked by one of my proposers if I was intressted in an office and on the falllowing anniversary of the lodge I was installed as TIB wich I held for a year before I was asked if I wanted to become CM myself wich is now my current office.

    Last fall I was notified that I would be passed to a lodge of St Andrews and after some waiting I got a call asking if I wanted to take the IV-V in January. All said and done, the 16th I was able to take the IV- V° wich was an intense experience. With that I also have one of the Swedish rites most interesting regalia ( ).
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    Congratulation on making it to IV/V. It is most certainly the degree that have given me the most in the daily life.... I got my VII degree in January. And like you, I used to be CM. Most gratifying job.
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    Congrats, brother.
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    Congratulations !

    (only when you're dead, you'll be able to look back and see your "halfway point" in Freemasonry - which is how old you were when you died, then divided by 2... I suspect I am more than halfway, but hope not ! )
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    Thanks. It is an experience of a lifetime.

    Thanks brother.


    Halfway point is only in regards to the rite. Hopefully Im not at my lifes halfway point as Im not even 30.
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    A hearty congratulations to you Brother!
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    Thank you.
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    Congratulations Brother!
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    Thanks brother.

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