The Lessons of Masonry

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    Have you ever wondered if there was some lesson or meaning you missed when you took your first degree? Think about it for a minute I’m sure there were actually times when you did wonder if there was more you were supposed to learn. Have you ever heard the old definition of Masonry “We take good men and make them better” and wondered what the heck that really means? Most everyone just takes that phrase at face value. However, there are deeper meanings that are hidden in each Ritual that we are supposed to explore. If all you remember (for the most part) is what was said to you during your initiation, then there is a lot more to learn. If you were asked, what were the lessons of the first degree, would you be able to answer? Would you be able to remember what Masonic secrets were imparted during that first degree? Most Masons would have a real problem with that question. We know what some of the obvious meanings in the EA Ritual are, but what are some of the hidden meanings? We spend way too much time agonizing over getting new members into Lodge and not near enough time teaching the lessons of Masonry along with the spiritual and moral implications of them. Learning the Ritual is all well and good, but they are only words without meaning if you don’t understand what they are trying to teach you.

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    Great essay. Was this actually written by MWBro. Carnes, or was it just reposted by him?
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    I believe that the Grand Lodge of Texas' RSS Feed indicated that M.'.W.'. Brother Carnes wrote the article. This is an RSS Feed re-post of some sorts.

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