The Light in the Garden - Finally! Hope for the Outcasts

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    I just published my 15th book this last week. Here's the back cover:

    Did you ever wonder if there was more to the Garden in Eden than most people let on? Did you ever come away from reading the story wanting to know what was really put in place by God? Did you ever wonder what the big deal was that got this whole journey started?

    The Light in the Garden is a dynamic journey through the Garden in Eden story filled with wondrous insights, humorous exchanges and enlightening discoveries that will profoundly change your view of our beginnings.

    Within this garden travels, Rev. John S Nagy walks you through:
    • The True Original Sin
    • The Nature & Impact of the Tree of Knowledge
    • The Biblically Stated Reason for the Eviction
    • The Path Back to Paradise and the Tree of Life
    The author has taken great pains to reveal the true glory and secrets of the garden story. His research and writing efforts have uncovered many of the missing aspects that have been lost since it was first put down in writing.

    If you truly want to experience the story in new Life Affirming Ways, then this book is for you!


    Check out the Table of Contents!
    Check out the Building Blog!
    Check out the Reviews!

    You can find more about it here:
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    Sounds Good my Brother will order mine next week, still have volume 1 of a Brother....

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    I think you will truly enjoy at a very deep level all the questions it raises, the discourse that are offered and the Light that spills out all over the place.

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