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    My final test,
    To seal my journey,
    A definite part,
    Of this ancient fraternity,

    Entered the temple,
    Doors closed tight,
    Tyled correctly,
    First task tonight,

    Continue on through,
    Position and duty,
    Allegory explained,
    In descriptive beauty,

    First removal,
    My young brothers depart,
    Raised to the second,
    My position to start,

    Second removal,
    My equals adhere,
    Left in the temple,
    Just me and my peers,

    Removed from my seat,
    Directed to place,
    The questions to answer.
    Is what I now face,

    Similar to before,
    A shape four sided,
    Mysteries of life,
    And Where rewarded,

    Without doubt, or reservation,
    Reasons to explain,
    Named architecture,
    Significance I attain,

    Honour and fidelity,
    A pledge of mine,
    Concealment asked,
    Secrets in time,

    Prove to be raised,
    First on the agenda
    Token and word,
    For me to remember,

    Salute as I am, and once was,
    Then taken to the door,
    Shown the way out,
    Preparation needed as before,

    Ready to re-enter,
    Anticipation and fright,
    Three distinct knocks,
    A room devoid of all light,

    Tested before entry,
    Passed into the night,
    Salute once again,
    Towards a beacon of light,

    Solemnly knelt,
    A presence invoked,
    Fear now in my mind,
    Beginning to choke,

    Protection requested,
    And hopefully granted,
    Raised to my feet,
    Firmly planted,

    To each officer my worth to prove,
    With word and token,
    Questions of me
    My explanation spoken,

    Advancement in journey,
    By method, proper,
    Uniquely stepped,
    I�m a grave hopper,

    For my most serious test,
    A trial of fortitude,
    An obligation to take,
    Done with hearty gratitude,

    A pledge to the principles,
    And obedience of law,
    To tread my journey,
    Under feet placed sure,

    As a sign of fidelity,
    And to bind my duty,
    Sealed with three,
    On a book of beauty,

    A history spoken,
    Of the first of our kind,
    Truth to his word,
    Even when in a bind,

    Reliving his life,
    His steps are mine,
    Fifteen unworthy,
    Not waiting the time,

    Three times demanded,
    Three times were told,
    With patience and virtue,
    What wanted, they�d behold,

    Although still threatened,
    We do not waver,
    Each struck a blow,
    And our life is over,

    In a grave I lie,
    In his death I am,
    A final representation,
    Of our master Hiram,

    My brothers about me,
    Attempt my raising,
    Two times a slip,
    Two times a failing,

    The master steps to try,
    And raises me on five,
    As all before were once elevated,
    Again this night, I am alive,

    Attention required,
    To my new charge,
    From darkness visible,
    The gloom at large,

    From where I was,
    And where will be,
    Emblems for guidance,
    In my pre-writ destiny,

    Rewarded for my attention,
    In this final degree,
    The secrets of the master,
    Entrusted to me,

    Third step to be taken,
    As a master never venal,
    Signs in three,
    Horror, Sympathy and Penal,

    A token displayed,
    Five points instructed,
    Explanation of each
    The WM conducted,

    And finally the word,
    Two spoken for one,
    Retired for comfort,
    My time almost done,

    Re-entered to lodge,
    Demonstrated my learning,
    Invested with badge,
    Now deserving,

    In tune with my experience,
    The full history told,
    Detailed the signs,
    The differences to behold,

    Finally my working tools,
    In my mind imprinting
    But it is not my journeys end,
    It is merely its true beginning.

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