The Masters Apron

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    Ther's mony a badge that's unco braw;
    Wi' ribbon, lace and tape on;
    Let kings an' princes wear them a'
    Gie me the Master's apron!

    The honest craftsman's apron,
    The jolly Freemason's apron,
    Be he at hame, or roam afar,
    Before his touch fa's bolt and bar,
    The gates of fortune fly ajar,
    'Gin he but wears the apron!

    For wealth and honor, pride and power
    Are crumbling stanes to base on;
    Fraternity suld rule the hour,
    And ilka worthy Mason!
    Each Free Accepted Mason,
    Each Ancient Crafted Mason.

    Then, brithers, let a halesome sang
    Arise your friendly ranks alang!
    Guidwives and bairnies blithely sing
    To the ancient badge wi' the apron string
    That is wom by the Master Mason!

    By Robbie Burns, 1786
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    good find, thanks for sharing.

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