The Ouroboros

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    The Ouroboros is represented as a snake or a dragon that eats its own tail, forming a circle with its body, and has been related to many cultures, but also to alchemy. Ouroboros has been associated with the beginning and closing of events, it also represents the eternal cycle of things.

    The Ouroboros could be related to cyclical events that happen and repeat themselves, for example: the seasons, the cycles of the moon, day and night, etc. The Ouroboros reminds us of the myth of Sisyphus, his punishment. Continuing with the mention of Sisyphus, we can also quote Albert Camus, who compared the punishment of Sisyphus with "the absurdity of human life", this philosophy of the "absurd" is in part a cycle and can be related to the Ouroboros, that in Alchemy could be associated with the eternal cycle of destruction and creation, of putrefaction and germination, it would be the "Solve et Coagula", a cycle that repeats itself in many aspects of life.

    Although Ouroboros is a cycle, it can also be interpreted as something that complements, it can remind us of Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, warm and cold. Also, the Ouroboros by representing a circle, the perfect figure.

    On the Ouroboros, many opinions and interpretations can be generated, it can be related to Helios, with the myths of Ra and Osiris, with some aspects of Jungian Psychology.

    Dear Brothers, What do you think about the Ouroboros?

    Receive a triple hug. Greetings.

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    If nothing else...very cool!
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    I see the Oroborus as symbolic of the proposition that life and existance is cyclical in nature. No begginning, no end. As evidenced in the repetative motion of the Earth around the sun, the seasons which follow the earth's motion, the phases of the moon, and the tidal changes of the oceans which result.

    I have a tattoo which combines this symbol with a symbol that represents the proposition that existance if finite, that it has a distinct beginning and end. The Greek Alpha & Omega, referanced by The Christ in describing himself as the beginning and end, first and last.

    My belief is that existance is BOTH finite and infinite, that there are destinct beginnings and ends but also many cyclical patterns that define our paths.

    Interesting Topic 20200815_150121.jpg
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    Serpent that bites is a really powerful image in my opinion. There are too many meanings, for me represents an experience of kairos, that happens quite suddenly, as a serpent attack. I see it someways associated as a discovery made during the rebuilding of a temple.
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    The Ouroboros has always been a symbol of interest to me for many of the reasons that you articulated in your post. Thank you for sharing it as it has focused me in a direction of study. It also bring to mind teaching of the Sublime Prince.
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    Ouroboros? My thoughts...

    One soul, infinite lifetimes...
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    The serpent in the garden of eden told the truth and Adam and Eve did not die after eating from the tree.

    The widow Isis is commonly depicted as a serpent (a cobra)
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    However they became mortal and where cast out of Eden. God never said they where gonna die on the spot.

    Serpents are used in several diffrent ways in Egyptian mythology. Both good/bad and neutral.
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    Here are two serpents (nagas) with square and compasses, knee to knee and hand over back, with sun, moon and stars

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