The Perfect Ashlar

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    The Perfect Ashlar
    by Lightlife

    Born to this world rough hewn and jagged,
    a stone as yet poorly shapen and ragged.

    Helped to grow by kindness of others,
    shown our errors in whispers from Brothers.

    With this and the aid of the Common Gavel,
    sharp edges soon turn to discarded gravel.

    With Further Light, we explore new tools,
    working with Fellows to uncover more Jewels.

    With Plumb, Level, and Square we hearken to hear,
    sacred guidance known to the Attentive Ear.

    To More Light we then are led,
    that Brotherly Love be widely spread.

    With our Ashlar true (good work and square),
    soon comes the time we must repair.

    With Trowel in hand, Ashlar polished and square,
    we depart this world and all we built there.

    Leaving behind in the hearts of our Brothers,
    the tools to teach, lead, and love others.


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