The Philosophy of "Making Good Men Better"

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    Freemasonry is unlike pretty much anything else that most of us will experience in this lifetime. It's not surprising that it starts off confusing. Tell us a little bit more about yourself (for instance, which Grand Lodge you're with for starters) and if there is anything in particular we can help you with. As you learned in the first degree; seek, ask, knock. It has been my experience that most brothers are happy to help answer questions or give you a helpful point in the right direction.
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    Before a man petitions, it's about decided to join our assemblies.

    Until the presentation of the third degree proficiency, it's about doing the work required for each degree. This is arguably the only time it's easy to answer that question.

    After that it's about becoming a better man this year than you were last year. Some of that happens by regular attendance to associate with those here longer to work to emulate them. Some of that happens by regular attendance to set a good enough example that the newer guys find you worthy of emulation. As such we have a gradual escalation of excellence.

    Thus the ritual is to have something to meet about and to have something to train the new guys on while they are getting an invisible education by association. Plus it's all those virtues and stuff mentioned in the lectures. And all the meaning you care to pour into it. I happen to care to pour vast amounts of meaning into it.
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    Step 1 - show up.
    Step 2 - listen & learn
    Step 3 - think.
    Step 4 - read
    Step 5 - think
    Step 6 - be patient
    Step 7 - go back to step 1 and start again.

    I've been a Freemason for over 10 years and am still following the above process
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    Blake I like what you have to say.

    Well the one thing I firmly agree with is that you guys take in people who are already good. If an organization good or bad just tries to mass recruit and get as big as possible even if it's to make bad people better. It causes ALOT of chaos within there group. Even the act of wanting to get bigger and bigger is CHAOTIC regardless of the organizations purpose due to how we are.

    One thing that I find that is good. The true light that we must all pursue and continue to grow before we pursue other lights. Is to understand ourselves, and aknowledging that it is very important. Once we found this light it will continue to be a craft we must pursue that we will never fully grasp but to keep going until understanding oneself is no longer important as in.. There isn't a need we are gone to the next life which is much better then what we go through now.

    Understanding that there is good and evil in this world is a fact and product of mankind and through mankind it manifests. Maybe the godless and or evil people that congregate within each other are powerful and perhaps.. Even more powerful then the good ones. The effort to fight this is what matters. In the end the only thing that matters is God (or supreme being), other people, and the knowledge that it will be better when it is all over.
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    Love this. Thanks Brother

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