The Secrets

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    The secrets of Freemasonry Are the secrets of all life,
    In truth,
    successful living,
    Abhorring pride and strife.

    To scorn,
    despise all falsehood,
    And ever love the true,
    Do to others in fullest sense,
    The good that you can do.

    To live in peace and concord,
    And friendly be to all,
    To pray for those that hate you,
    Assist all those that fall.

    No matter what their creed may be,
    Or politics profess,
    To aid each one along the road That leads to happiness.

    Whatever their social status,
    Or all their worldly wealth,
    To pray for their true welfare,

    To seek out those who hunger,
    So be a friend in deed,
    Attend the sick and weary,
    And go where there is need.

    To lay aside all enmity,
    All greed and selfishness,
    To garner in all truth and love And practice selflessness.

    The great Masonic secret,
    By all the world possessed,
    Through faith and hope and charity,
    Mankind is truly blessed.

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