The Ship of Life on the Ocean of Time

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    By: Silas Shepard

    The ship that sails the bounding billows
    Has a captain in command
    To direct her course and steer her
    So that she may safely land
    In the port which she is bound for,
    After fight with dangerous shore;
    Landing precious human cargo
    Safe from ocean′s danger more.

    Human life is also likened
    To a ship on Time′s vast sea;
    Conscience is the captain of her
    To direct what life shall be.
    Do not let the good ship vary
    From the course which it directs;
    A safe harbor will await her
    If from it she ne′er deflects.

    There are many charts to guide us;
    There′s a light on danger′s shore:
    We must keep the good ship seaward,
    And avoid the siren′s lure.
    We should close up all the hatches,
    When there′s danger or a fire.
    We should reef the sails of pleasure
    In the tempest of desire.

    ´Tis a voyage we all must venture,
    And to make it safe and sure,
    Keep the captain, -Conscience, wakened;
    Use a chart both true and pure.
    Such a chart is Square and Compass
    And the ever present "G";
    It will safely guide the captain
    Over many a troubled sea.

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