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The wildest. Are these real?

BullDozer Harrell

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Well, there is definitely something called the "Fraternal Order of Police" Not sure about the others, but we have a police Fidelity Club here, where you need to have been in the Police and a MM to join... Second one has "Degree Team" which completely legitimate and not uncommon... google them... you might be surprised how many of them are legit..

Brother JC

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I believe the Maryland State Police have a Degree Team, the others look like they were made for personal use. Especially the upper left; that looks like the clandies that want to take your bling.


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Many police patches have a been customized by Masons for personal use. They are fairly common.


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I retired from the Washington State Patrol. In the early days of my career, our chief was an active Mason and we had a Degree Team. I have found a WSP patch with the S&C, but is not an authorized patch. Not sure who created it. To my knowledge these are novelties only.


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My barber back in Oregon was a Brother and he had these allover his wall as well as real patches from the military and police


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I have the complete collection of all Masonic police patches. I need to make a display for them.

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