There's no "right" way to wear a ring

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    Many Masons believe there is some kind of code or significance to how you are supposed to wear your ring. There really isn't -- not in any set of landmarks or constitution or by-laws that I have ever heard of or come across, at least.

    Now that doesn't mean there aren't local customs. If you're in a lodge and there's some old guy who says "we've always done it such-and-such way" and everybody believes him, then that's the way they do it in those parts. And that's what they will teach their new members. But that doesn't mean he was right, just convincing.

    There's no "right" way to wear a ring. Decide for yourself how you want to wear it. I always wear mine with the points of the compasses facing me. It reminds me of how and where I'm supposed to be in relation to those two points. I have a friend in lodge who wears his ring with the apex of the compasses facing him -- he says he likes other people to be able to see it right-side up.

    How about this? -- The proper way to wear a Masonic ring is to remember that the ring tells people that you are a Mason, and that they will get their ideas about what a Mason is from seeing how you act. So wearing your ring is really harder than it looks, no matter which way you decide to have it face.

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    I agree with you when it comes to the impression you give others when you wear a symbol of an organization. I saw a customer at my job who was making a big deal out of something, he was wearing a cap with a big Masonic symbol on it, it really irritated me, because that could give people the idea that we are all like that, I really wanted to say something to him, but obviously I couldn't. It's the same as when you wear a cross, if someone is not a Christian, they are going to form an opinion about Christians by the impression you give them. Regardless, I try to act the best I can in all situations.

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