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    who they ________ work for!!?#$%

    Political cartoon about the town hall meetings

    Pretty awesome stuff, imo. Seriously, they need a good reminder of what's up.

    One thing that I've always worried about is what happened to the Romans. It was the Plebeians that ruined the government, and I believe that might be what is happening to us. It's not 1984 like we worry about, it's "Brave New World" type of destruction.

    We've started to "vote ourselves money from the treasury," I imagine it won't be long until Democracy fully takes the place of a great Republic. People already blaspheme by calling it a Democracy (even the president). It's trouble. Definitely trouble.

    In my opinion, a highly educated public is the only the can maintain the Republic.

    An important educational video:

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    awesome find!!!
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    JTM great video I got this a couple months ago via email. The problem as I see it is most people don't care until it affects them. And quickly loose interest because they are constantly sent down rabbit trails which do not pan out.

    JFK and many others have hit the nail on the head when they have asked what can you do for your country not what your country can do for you.

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